Easter Bunny Cake

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These popcorn ball Easter Bunny Cake treats are so fun & easy to make that your children will want to help out too. There is no baking involved and although it’s sticky, it’s a lot of fun for the whole family to make. The best part about helping to make the cakes is that you get to lick out the bowl after! These cakes take just a few ingredients – I’ll share the recipe for you below. It’s my grandma’s secret recipe so don’t tell her I shared it!

Easter Bunny Cake:

Easter Bunny Cake

Click here for the printable recipe for the popcorn balls.

You’ll need candy coated chocolate for the the eyes & nose and black licorice string for the whiskers.

After you’ve stirred the marshmallow into the popcorn, shape the mixture into popcorn balls about the size of your palm.  It’s best to let these set before continuing to work with them.  A trick is to place the popcorn balls into greased muffin tins to cool & harden a bit (the muffin tins help to hold the round shape).

Use some of the popcorn mixture to create oval pieces that will become the ears for the Easter Bunny Cake treats.  Lay these on wax paper and set in the fridge to cool & set.

Once the popcorn balls and ears have had a chance to set enough to hold their shape, use a bit of melted marshmallow mixture to stick 2 popcorn balls on top of each other (one for the bunny head and one for the bunny body) and two oval pieces on the top for ears.  Stick on 2 candy coated chocolate pieces for eyes and 1 for the nose and cut small strings of black licorice for the whiskers.  A cute addition is a single marshmallow covered popcorn piece for a fluffy tail.

Place these on wax paper and let them set in the fridge for about 20 minutes.  They should then be set enough to hold their shape & candy features.

Now you’re ready to serve & enjoy your Easter Bunny Cake!

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