Park Activities For Kids

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There are so many fun park activities for kids! Here’s a list of some creative ways to enjoy the park with your family.

Park Activities

Park Activities for Kids:

When planning to spend an afternoon at the park, here are a few fun ideas for park activities & toys that you may want to bring along with you.

  • soccer ball
  • ball & catching mitt
  • large parachute
  • kites
  • toys for the sand (try this dino dig activity)
  • bubbles & bubble wands
  • football
  • lawn bowling pins & balls (see some lawn bowling ideas here)
  • a large toy ball
  • tennis rackets & ball
  • badminton rackets & birdies
  • basketball
  • mini golf clubs & balls
  • lawn darts
  • skipping rope
  • sidewalk chalk for hopscotch (here are some more fun games with sidewalk chalk)
  • beach ball
  • hula hoops
  • flying disc
  • horse shoes
  • croquet set
  • net for beach volleyball or badminton

One of our family favorite park activities is visiting a local spray pad park. We have a few in our city with large spray pad sprinklers and fountains that our son loves running through.

Do you know how many parks there are in your city? How many have you visited? As a family, you can create a list of all the local parks in your city and try to visit as many as you can while you have warm weather to enjoy. As a fun visual, you can purchase a local map of your city and pin the locations of all of these parks on the map on a bulletin board. You could have 3 different pin colors: 1 color for parks that you’ve visited & want to go to again, 1 color for parks that you haven’t yet visited and 1 color for parks that you’ve visited & don’t plan to visit again.

You’ll want to pack up some hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, a blanket to sit on in the grass and get ready to have some fun in the sun!

What are your favorite park activities?

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