Outdoor Lawn Bowling

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A play date of outdoor lawn bowling at the park is a fun way to get exercise and some fresh air.

Outdoor Lawn Bowling Ideas

To set up your own outdoor lawn bowling game, you can buy plastic bowling pins & bowling balls at your local dollar store. As an alternative, you can improvise with plastic pop or water bottles and any toy ball – just make sure to fill the bottles a bit so they don’t easily blow away.  Depending on the number of little ones in your playgroup, you may want to bring a few sets to play with.

One of the great things about outdoor lawn bowling is that there are no gutter balls! There’s no need to set up lanes for this fun outdoor bowling game. The kids can take turns setting the pins back up for the next player.

Outdoor Lawn Bowling Game Ideas:

You could play different variations of the outdoor lawn bowling game. Some ideas are:

  • everyone must bowl while hopping on one foot
  • bowling backwards
  • skip to the starting line before rolling the bowling ball
  • bowl while sitting down
  • bowl blindfolded

Your local dollar store likely sells small trophies as well if you decided that you wanted to hand out prizes for the kids. Stickers are an easy prize to hand out as well.

Be sure to bring along blankets to sit on in the grass, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and water.  You could also bring along a little radio for music.

If you wanted to bring snacks then sandwiches, sliced fruit and juice boxes are all easy snacks to pack.  Easily create bowling ball sandwiches by using a round cookie cutter on the sandwiches. Want a bowling themed treat? You could make rice crisp & marshmallow balls with 3 holes in the top and call them bowling ball treats.

When is the last time that you went bowling?

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