Dino Dig

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Most kids love digging & playing in the sand so a fun idea for a play date would be a dino dig.

Dino Dig Activity Ideas

Dino Dig Ideas for Kids:

For this fun dino dig activity, you could hide little plastic dinosaurs in the sand (either in your yard or at the park) and provide the kids with little plastic shovels, sand sifters, & buckets so they can dig for these buried treasures. You may want to include little magnifying glasses so they can analyze their findings.

If you can’t find any small plastic dinosaurs to hide for your dino dig, you could bury little plastic eggs with dinosaur stickers inside and call it a dino egg dig.

Perhaps you can also find some fun dinosaur sand molds for the kids to create their own dino creatures in the sand. Bring your camera to take pictures of their fun creations.

As a treat for the kids, you could also hand out a few dino egg candies or dino gummies. You could even serve dinosaur sandwiches by simply using a dinosaur cookie cutter with your favorite sandwich recipes. This would be a fun picnic idea for the dino dig at the park.

Planning a dinosaur birthday party? Here are some fun dinosaur birthday party ideas for invitations, activities, food, dessert, decor and treat bags.

Looking for some fun dinosaur trivia? Check out this fun game from Kidz World. You could make note of a few random dinosaur fun facts to quiz the kids with while on their dino dig adventure.

To make sure every child goes home with the same amount of treasures, you could ask the kids to place all their findings into a large bucket as they dig them up and then distribute them evenly to the kids at the end of the play date.

Don’t forget to bring along hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, water and hand wipes.

Does your little one have a favorite dinosaur or watch any dinosaur television programs?

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