Zoo Walk Play Date

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If you are lucky enough to have a zoo in your city, try planning a zoo walk as a play date.

Zoo Walk Play Date

Zoo Walk Play Date Ideas:

Your zoo walk could include an animal themed lunch for your group with animal shaped sandwiches (using large animal cookie cutters) and animal crackers.

Try playing a game of I Spy as you walk through the zoo.  It’s a great zoo walk game for kids in a wide range of ages. You can also print this free zoo scavenger hunt to play as you walk through the zoo.

You could also play a fun zoo walk trivia game with the moms & little ones as you wander through the zoo.  It’s a fun way to learn some interesting facts about the types of animals you are visiting.  Here are some sample questions – how many answers can you guess right?

  • What is the world’s largest monkey? The Mandrill male monkey who averages 55-77 pounds & 32-36 inches.
  • How long is a polar bear pregnant? 4 months (total gestational period is about 8 months)
  • True or False: The pink color of flamingos comes from the food they eat.  True (crustaceans)
  • True or False: Giraffes give birth standing up. True
  • What is the largest land carnivore in the world? Polar Bear

At the end of the zoo walk, you could send the kids home with zoo treat bags with animal crackers, animal stickers and animal coloring pages.  For the coloring pages, visit Crayola online for free printables. You’ll find plenty of inexpensive treat bag supplies at your local dollar store.

Be sure to pack hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, strollers, water and a few snacks. Don’t forget your camera and comfortable shoes – it’s sure to be a long but fun filled day!

Do you have a zoo in your city? If so, do you visit it regularly?

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