Zoo Scavenger Hunt

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Planning a trip to a zoo?  Bring along this free printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt and see how many items you & your children can find.  It’s a great way to learn a bit more about the zoo and the animals that live there. To play the game, you’ll need the free printable game (available through the link above) and a pen. It’s also a fun idea to bring your camera to take pictures of all the interesting animals at the zoo. For added difficulty, you can make a rule that each animal can only be written in the “found” column once.

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Zoo Scavenger Hunt Game:

Here is a sample of the items you’ll find on this free printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt game:

  • an animal that is smaller than you
  • an animal playing with another animal
  • an animal eating
  • a baby animal
  • an animal that hops
  • an animal that has no fur
  • an animal that lives in a cold climate
  • an animal that lives in a hot climate
  • an animal getting a bath
  • a species of animal that begins with the letter “W”
  • an animal that lives in the water
  • a zoo worker cleaning an animal’s home
  • an animal that is swimming
  • an animal with stripes
  • a species of animal that could live over 100 years
  • an animal resting in the shade
  • an animal with spots
  • an animal running
  • an animal in a tree
  • an animal you could see in Australia

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Have Fun!

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