Teenage Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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Thinking of party games for teens can be difficult. You want to think of something that is fun & silly but not too childish. I’m a huge fan of scavenger hunt games and there are so many great ways you can plan a teenage scavenger hunt. For a party, the teens can be broken into teams of 3-4 and assigned one adult and one vehicle per team. The adults can be the drivers while the teens are taken to different locations in order to uncover the clues around the city. They don’t actually have to pick up items around the city, just take a picture of themselves in the location to prove that they solved all of the clues on your scavenger hunt list.

Teenage Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

I didn’t make this game into a free printable because every city and town is so different. What I have done is put together a list of places that you could include in your teenage scavenger hunt depending on what your city has to offer. You will have to do a little research of your own to see what area of interest you’d like the teams to find in each location. Be specific – like a specific sign to find, a specific flag, a specific advertisement, etc. Make sure that each team has a camera so they can take a picture of themselves in each of the locations.

Location Ideas:

  • An office door or awards showcase at the University
  • A team logo on the outside of a sports arena or field
  • A menu item in the food court at the mall
  • A game at the arcade (you could even have an envelope of coins and give them the task of beating a particular score)
  • The lost and found area in an airport
  • An area of the library or bookstore that a type of book would be found
  • A model of vehicle in a car dealership lot
  • A sign at a pool
  • A poster at a movie theatre
  • A sign in a fast food restaurant (could be a sign found in the bathroom – this one would be a tricky one to find)
  • A particular piece of graffiti at the local skateboard park
  • Drawing a picture with sidewalk chalk in an outdoor basketball park
  • An animal in a museum
  • A particular style of clothing in a clothing store

After teams have found each location and taken a picture, they could meet back at the party area for food, drinks and to share stories and photos.

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  1. Love this idea! It’s so engaging and can be a lot of fun. You can do something similar with younger kids too, but keep an adult with them and have them “scavenge” in a safe area.


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