Car Scavenger Hunt

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A fun party idea for older children or even adults is a car scavenger hunt where teams must travel together around the city to take various pictures and pick up various scavenger hunt items.  This is a fun game for graduation parties, stags/stagettes, or a birthday party.  Try not to disturb businesses with the game & be respectful of their space and time.

You’ll want to set rules such as: all team members must stay together (can be proven through pictures during the scavenger hunt) and you can set a time to meet at a central location – the team with the most items on the scavenger hunt list wins a prize but any teams arriving late to check-in may be disqualified. Some of these items may require money so set each team up with a small budget. Click here for your free printable Car Scavenger Hunt game.

Car Scavenger Hunt

Car Scavenger Hunt Sneak Peek:

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the items you’ll find on the free printable game. You’ll want to make sure that each team brings along a camera to capture pictures as evidence that they’ve found each of the items. These also make for great souvenirs after the party to accompany thank you notes.

  • picture of you or your teammates sitting in a ball pit
  • a single package of ketchup
  • an information brochure from a mall
  • a pen with a hotel logo on it
  • a receipt from a gas station
  • picture of you or your teammates on a trampoline
  • an arcade game token
  • picture of you or your teammates on a stage
  • a picture of you or your teammates by a water fountain
  • a picture of you or your teammates with a musical instrument
  • a tourism brochure for the city you are in
  • a picture of the entire team in a photo booth

Have Fun!

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