February National Holidays

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Only 1 week until February (didn’t we just celebrate New Year’s last week?!) which means time to start planning your celebrations for bizarre February national holidays. With so many February national holidays to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find many reasons to celebrate!

February National Holidays:

Bake For Family Fun Month: I LOVE baking! Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m sure the sweeties in your life would love to receive some home baked goodies. If you wanted to celebrate Bake For Family Fun Month in your moms group, you could do a cookie exchange around your Valentine’s play date.

Relationship Wellness Month: If you haven’t yet heard of The Dating Divas, I would highly recommend you visit their site. They provide many unique ideas for dates or special surprises for your significant other. You don’t have to wait for any February national holidays to have a reason for a fun date night though! I’m sure you’ve earned a night out!

February National Holidays

National Children’s Dental Health Month: This is an excellent reason to schedule a guest speaker for your moms group! Contact a local dentist office and ask if a dentist or hygienist would be willing to pop into one of your group play dates for a short chat about children’s dental health. Be sure to brush your teeth well after eating all those Valentine treats!

Give Kids a Smile Day (February 3): We all love to see our children smile and we’re willing to do any silly dance or voice to encourage it. To celebrate this special day, try contacting a children’s entertainer in your area to see if they’d be willing to do a sample show. It’s a great way for them to introduce themselves to a bunch of moms who will be planning a lot of birthday parties in the upcoming years.

International Friendship Week (Feb. 6 – 10): What a great time to celebrate the new friendships you and your child have made in your moms group! An activity that you could try is to handout a piece of paper to each mom in the group (1 sheet per child) and have the moms write their child’s name across the top. Sit in a circle and pass each sheet to the left. Each mom would then write one positive note about the child (whose name is at the top of the page). For example, “Cute Laugh” or “Best Toothless Grin” or “Fast Crawler” or “Good at Sharing”, etc. Then pass the paper to the left again and continue this activity until each mom has their child’s paper back again. You’ll end up with a paper filled with positive notes about your child – a cute addition to your child’s scrapbook!

National Pancake Week (Feb. 19-25): Your play date for this week can be scheduled at a local restaurant or pancake house. All February national holidays (or any national holidays) involving food are always a great reason to celebrate – especially when that food tastes delicious covered in syrup, berries and whipped cream!

National Margarita Day (February 22): Voy a tener una margarita por favour (Spanish for I’ll have a margarita please). Gather your moms to go out for a margarita to celebrate this special day! Nachos go great with margaritas – even if National Nacho Day isn’t until November 6th. Any February national holidays that include a margarita have to be an excellent reason for a moms night out, right?!

National Second Hand Wardrobe Week (Feb. 26 – March 3): If you are anything like me, you look into your closet and think “I have nothing to wear!” even though your closet is packed with clothes. Why not donate the clothes that you no longer wear? It’s great that someone else can get some use out of them plus you can make room for more (credit cards watch out!). Ask the moms in your group to go through their closets as well and gather up clothes they want to donate. Maybe they even have some children’s clothes that they are ready to part with. Organize a collection at your moms group and drop it off at a donation bin after your play date.

Do you have any favorite February National holidays? Do you know of any other February National Holidays worth celebrating?

Happy Celebrating!

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