Fire Station Tour

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Looking for an educational play date for your mom & baby group?  Try booking a fire station tour!

Fire Station Tour

Fire Station Tour Ideas:

Call your local fire station to arrange for a fire station tour and a safety talk for both the mommies and little ones.  The kids will have fun learning what a firefighter does and seeing all the equipment used while the moms learn valuable safety tips. Most fire stations arrange for free tours for children but you do need to call and arrange for these ahead of time.

To help the fire station prepare for your visit, let them know any questions you have ahead of time.  For example, ask to hear tips for making a home fire escape plan, fire safety tips for home, etc. Encourage the children to think of questions to ask as well.

The fire station may have fire safety printouts that you can take home with you.  If not, there are several free ones online that you could print and handout to each of the moms on the fire station tour.

Don’t forget to do a fire safety check once you get home and put all the new tips to use!

You’ll want to remember your cameras as well to take pictures of your special fire station tour. Your local dollar store may even have inexpensive firefighter hats that you can bring along for the kids.

You can create little treat bags for the kids to take home with coloring pages (here’s a free link to a Crayola fire engine coloring page, crayons, stickers, small toy fire trucks and even a small book on fire safety. You can find all of these items at your local dollar store.

Do you have a fire safety plan for home? Have you done fire drills with your family?

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