Road Trip Bingo

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Are we there yet?!  Many parents hear this (more than once) during road trips with kids.  A fun way to pass the time during road trips is Road Trip Bingo! It’s such an easy game to create and it’s a great way to keep your little ones busy as you finish all of your packing and preparation.

Creating a Road Trip Bingo Game:

A few days before you leave for your trip, have your children create their own Road Trip Bingo game.  Get them to think of items that they may see during the trip: animals, signs, landmarks, restaurants, type of vehicles, etc.  Try to get them to think of general items that they may see on the trip (like a certain color of vehicle or a particular animal) and not specific items that they know they’ll see like a favorite restaurant they already know you’ll be passing.

You can make a pre-road trip visit to your local craft store to pick up stickers for these items.  Using this free Road Trip Bingo printable, have the children place one sticker in each of the bingo squares. If you’d rather skip the stickers, your little ones can also draw pictures of the items they’d like to include on the game.

Road Trip Bingo

During your road trip your children can then play the new game they created. They simply check off each box as they find the items. Finding all of the items in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) wins! For a longer game, you can play “black-out” which means that every square has to be found before the game is over.

As a special bonus, you can hide some special prizes at the under the front seat like a coloring book, stickers or a kids magazine.

For more fun & free printable games, head over to our free Printable Games page. There you’ll find other games perfect for travel.

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Have Fun & Safe Travels!

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