Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle

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Looking for an easy activity for your child during spring break?  Try this Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle idea.

Using this free printable template, have your children start by writing words onto the graph that they want others to find.  As they add a word to the graph, have them list the word at the bottom of the page so people know what they’re looking for. Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle

Once they’ve written enough words to hide, they can start adding in various letters in the remaining squares to hide the searchable words.

Once complete, siblings can swamp puzzles with each other or the children can give their puzzle to a parent or relative to solve.

Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle Themes:

A fun idea is to create your word search puzzle around a particular theme. Some examples include:

  • words about a major holiday (Christmas, Easter, etc.)
  • words about a particular season (summer, spring, winter, fall)
  • words to describe another family member
  • words about a particular travel destination (Disneyland, camping, Hawaii, etc.)
  • words about a favorite sport or sports team

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  1. Hi Cheryl, Thank you so much for so many great Ideas……They will come in handy….You and your family have a Blessed Year…..Gina Grandmother of Five Beautiful Grandchildren……


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