Dancing With The Stars Pool

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Looking for a reason to gather your mommy friends for a Moms Night In?  Fan of Dancing With The Stars?  Then you may like this idea for hosting a Dancing With The Stars Pool! Dancing with The Stars Pool

Gather your best mommy friends for a season premiere party.  You can serve fun appetizer foods and delicious desserts.  You could even make some cupcakes with edible gold stars on them – sounds delicious, right?!

Create a Dancing with the Stars pool ballot form to hand out to the guests for them to make their predictions on the season.  Who will be the first to have a wardrobe malfunction?  Who will be the first to cry?  Who will get the first perfect score?  Who will win the Mirrorball Trophy?  You can print this ballot here for free!

Have the guests make their Dancing with the Stars pool predictions prior to the start of the show.  Use just one ballot form and have each guest write their name in the square for their selection in each category.  It’s okay if some people make some of the same predictions.  Once all of the guests have completed their guesses, you’ll want to hang onto this ballot form for future reference.  You can email everyone a copy of the ballot so everyone can remember their predictions and follow along with their score as the season progresses.

By creating this party into a contest pool, you have a great reason to gather your best mommy friends again for a season finale party to hand out prizes to the person with the most correct predictions!

Who will you be cheering on this year? I must admit that I do love Maksim so I tend to always cheer for who he’s dancing with!

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