Rewards for Good Behavior – Free Printable Coupons

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Has your child done something really spectacular lately? Has he done a good deed for someone else? Did he pass his summer swimming lessons? Did he clean his room without someone having to ask him to? If you feel that your child has done something special that is worthy of an award, we have some free printable rewards for good behavior for you! Simply print the rewards, cut out each one, fold each one in half and then place them in a jar. When your child does something really special, you can reward him with one of these fun coupons. The child can choose to redeem the coupon immediately or hold onto it to redeem later.

Rewards for Good Behavior

Rewards for Good Behavior:

The free printable rewards for good behavior include:

  • Good for one trip to the ice cream shop.
  • Skip your chores for the night and a parent will do them for you.
  • You get to choose the next meal for supper.
  • Stay up 30 minutes past your bedtime.
  • You choose the next activity for family fun night.
  • You choose the movie for family fun night.
  • You choose the game for family fun night.
  • Eat breakfast food for supper.
  • Dress up one parent in a funny costume and take silly portraits.
  • Good for $5 to spend on anything you want at the store.
  • Choose a charity to make a family donation to.
  • Good for one candy treat.
  • Make an indoor fort by the television and then watch a movie in it.
  • Good for $10 to use on snacks for a family movie night.
  • Trade this coupon in for 10 extra minutes of video games.
  • Good for 20 extra minutes of outdoor play.
  • Trade this coupon in to double the size of your dessert after supper.
  • Good for 30 extra minutes of television time.
  • Trade this coupon in for one mystery gift.
  • Good for one Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me date.

The mystery gifts can be small treats wrapped and placed in a “mystery gift” box. This could include items like stickers, glow sticks, books, DVD’s and more.

What rewards for good behavior have you used with your children? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Your list is awesome. I probably don’t need them for my 21 and 30 year-old-children (ha!) but I’ll be passing them on to my daughter. I love the charity one and the money for snacks. The funny outfit may be my favorite! ~Pamela

  2. This is a cute idea for getting everyone to behave themselves!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

    • Hi Joey! You can click on the “free printable rewards for good behavior” under the image to open it as a PDF file or click the image and it will open as a PDF file for printing. I hope that helps!

  3. Your website has an overwhelming amount of ads on it that it is so hard to even visit or navigate it. Just fyi. I’m sure other feel the same


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