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How many of you look at the beautiful parties on Pinterest and Facebook and think that you could never create something like that? A lot of people don’t realize how much money goes into those beautiful parties. Good News – there are ways to add creative touches into your parties without the expensive price tag. Today on Party Tip Tuesday we’re featuring Tammy Mitchell with Pink Peppermint Prints & Parties and she’s here to show you some easy ways to add some pizzazz to your party without breaking your budget. She has so many fabulous ideas to share so let’s jump right into it!

Pink Peppermint Prints

1) What is Pink Peppermint Prints?

Pink Peppermint Prints is a website dedicated to all things celebratory and an Etsy shop with tons of fabulous printables for every occasion.  I also offer a lot of free printables on the website for you to use.

Pink Peppermint Prints

I have always loved styling parties and find tons of inspiration all over the internet, but one thing I noticed is that the beautiful parties that are often highlighted are usually VERY expensive to re-create.  My goal was to put together a website where I could feature parties that are both beautiful AND budget friendly.  I know that not everyone is a do-it-yourself fan and a lot of people don’t feel comfortable with their ability to craft or simply don’t have the time. This is why I also try to provide very easy tutorials for things and show a lot of ways to incorporate very inexpensive items into your party décor and still make it look like a million bucks!

I offer a feature called Get the Look where I style and shoot cute party set ups and then give you all the prices and locations for every item used in the party so you know the total cost, and exactly how to re-create it.  I use a lot of items from stores that are easily accessible (rather than specialty shops) so they are easier for everyone to locate.

Pink Peppermint Prints

2) What are a couple of your favorite ways to decorate food items?

Let’s face it, packaging is everything! The cuter it is – the more we want to eat it! Fun foods packaged in individual serving sizes on party tables are always fun and look more appealing.  Everything looks cuter with a topper or on a stick – just like at the county fair!

I recently made these little toppers for muffins for a craft party using little pompoms and toothpicks.  I simply pushed the toothpicks up through the pompoms and they were done!

Pink Peppermint Prints

Another fun and easy treat are donut holes on sticks.  You can find the sucker sticks at any craft store and it takes two minutes to pop the donut holes on.  Tie a ribbon around the base of the donuts and you have a cute and easy treat.

Pink Peppermint Prints

Jars are a great investment if you like to entertain.  They are relatively inexpensive and have a ton of uses! I have a large assortment of all different shapes and sizes.  You can bake pies and cupcakes in them, use them to package individual servings of salads, use them as glasses, and make other fun treats like these little jello “desserted islands” I made for a recent party.

Pink Peppermint Prints

3) Do you have a suggestion for a party decor item that your children could help you create?

Growing up in our house, my kids are surrounded by parties all the time.  They love to help come up with ideas and create, and I love to find ways to let them.  It’s a great way for them to learn and for us to spend time together. There are so many really easy décor ideas that are beautiful, budget friendly and kid friendly.  These paper lanterns with crepe paper hanging from them are so fun and would be easy for the kids to help with.

Pink Peppermint Prints

For a baby shower I recently did for a client, I made about 30 paper chains in graduating colors from yellow to orange and pink.  It was a beautiful effect and also something that your kids can totally help you with.

Even this amazing looking backdrop is made from nothing but rolled strips of paper – a project that the whole family can enjoy together with beautiful results.

Pink Peppermint Prints

4) Do you have a few tips for taking a somewhat plain decoration and turning it into something new?

I love sparkle!  Glitter can take anything ordinary and make it extraordinary! Glittered jars, glittered silverware, glittered banners…you name it, it makes everything better! To jazz up some wood silverware I ran a bit of glue along the handles and glittered them up.

Pink Peppermint Prints

Adding tissue paper tassels to your décor is another inexpensive and easy way to make things look more customized.  You can create a backdrop, add them to balloon strings or decorate the back of an ordinary chair to make it look more festive.  They are beautiful!

Pink Peppermint Prints

I created a video tutorial to show you the easy way to make these fun additions to any party décor.

5) What are a few of your favorite DIY party decorations ideas that even a non-crafty mom could create?

I love to use glittered clothespins to hang banners and decorations, clip tags onto favors, hold menu cards…and the list goes on and on! It’s a simple way to turn something boring into something much more useful and fabulous! Here’s an easy tutorial to get you started!

Printables are probably the easiest way to totally customize your party without any crafting know-how.  That’s why I love them so much! You simply print and cut!  There are so many fun options out there on great sites like Etsy, you can find anything to match your party.  You can find my printable collections here in my Etsy shop.

This mini gumball machine tutorial has been one of my most popular over the years. They make a great activity for a party, party favor, and decoration.  They use a few simple supplies and take only 15 minutes to make, but they are a hit everywhere!  You can make these with little or no crafting experience and people will be amazed!

Thanks so much for letting me share my passion with you!  I hope you are inspired to create something beautiful and budget friendly!

All photos are courtesy of Tammy Mitchell and Pink Peppermint Designs.

We want to send a big THANK YOU to Tammy for being featured in this Party Tip Tuesday. Be sure to follow Pink Peppermint Prints on Facebook for even more creative ideas.

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