Tips for Simple Party Decorations

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There are so many beautiful parties all over Facebook and Pinterest providing so much creative inspiration! Have you ever wondered how you can use some of the items you already have around the house as party decor? How about easy ways to dress up standard party supplies? Here are a few simple party decorations that you can easily recreate at home. These are some tips that I often use for parties that I style for the blog.

Simple Party Decorations:

Table Runners: Decorative table runners can be expensive so I’ve started to purchase 2 metre strips of fabric from our local fabric shop. Lay them out flat as a tablecloth, hang them up as a party backdrop or simply tuck under the unfinished edges for a table runner. Have an old bridesmaid dress sitting in your closet? Fold over the sides and use it as a table runner! Sounds silly, but it works!

Simple Party Decorations

Party Backdrops: This is one I’ve used quite a few times for parties – take off the curtains in the kitchen and hang a decorative shower curtain as a backdrop for the party table. Check out these other simple party backdrop ideas.

Simple Party Decorations

Photo Booth Ideas: A decorative shower curtain can be dressed up with paper fans, paper lanterns and party cutouts to create a party booth area for the kids to have their pictures taken in.

Paper Fans: To decorate a paper fan and tie it into the rest of your party theme, simply use double-sided tape to secure printable party circles on the front.

Simple Party Decorations

Party Banners on Fabric Backdrops: Simply tape a safety pin on the back of each end of the banner and pin it to the fabric backdrop. A very easy way to properly secure it so that it doesn’t fall down at the party.

Simple Party Decorations

There are so many more tips for simple party decorations to share so stay tuned for more posts in this series.

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  1. What great tips! I love the tip about using a safety pin to secure the banner on a cloth backdrop. Where was Pinterest when my kids were little? Well I still have my daughters graduation party to plan next year!


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