Punny Valentines + Free Printables

Valentine Puns

I may be a bit cheesy but I love Valentine puns!  If you do too then you’re in luck because we have some FREE printable punny Valentine’s Day cards plus creative candy ideas to match each card. We have some that would be great as classroom treats for kids and some that could be a silly … Read more

January National Holidays

There are many special holidays to celebrate in January: New Year’s Day, Orthodox Christmas Day, Chinese New Year…among others.  But what about the fun yet odd January National Holidays that most of us haven’t heard about like National Pie Day (Yum!)?  There are so many reasons to keep the celebrations going after New Year’s Day.  … Read more

Family Date Ideas

Most of us seem to always be running from one place to another – errands, work, appointments, activities, etc.  Why not spend a night in and enjoying some of these family date ideas with your kids? Family Date Ideas: 1) Set up a tent in your backyard – bring out sleeping bags, camp-type foods, story … Read more

There’s Nothing Sweeter Than Baby Laughter

There is nothing that can cheer me up faster than hearing my son laugh. I think it’s nearly impossible for people not to grin at the sound of baby laughter! Did you know: one good belly laugh burns off 3 1/2 calories? laughing 100 times roughly equals 15 minutes on an exercise bike? That’s good … Read more

Museum Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Planning a museum scavenger hunt for your mom and baby group is an excellent indoor group activity! If you are like me, you may be starting to feel a little cooped up at home due to the cold winter weather.  Now that the holiday season is over, it’s a great time to plan a mommy … Read more

Police Safety Chat – Mom and Baby Group Activity

Hosting a police safety chat would be a great idea for a guest speaker demonstration for your moms group! For an upcoming event in January, the police service in our city is coming out to do a police safety chat for the moms and little ones.  I asked the group of moms what safety questions … Read more