Family Treasure Hunt

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I wanted to plan something creative & fun for my family to do so I came up with this idea for a family treasure hunt.  My son is only 9 months old so he isn’t old enough yet to help Dad read the clues, but he is able to participate in the family date part of the afternoon.

Family Treasure Hunt Ideas:

We live in Canada so our yard is full of snow – perfect for hiding treasures!  I picked up some heart shaped tins, candy, stickers, red food coloring and a squeeze bottle to put together his treasure hunt in our backyard.

I printed a word on a piece of paper for a clue on where his next clue would be hidden.  I cut out each letter and then put a letter or two in each tin along with some candy.

Family Treasure Hunt Ideas - Supplies

I buried each tin (wrapped in a sandwich bag to keep the snow out) in the snow in the backyard and used the squeeze bottle filled with water & red food coloring to mark the tin locations with an “X” or an “O”.

Family Treasure Hunt Ideas - Hiding Places
I left a note by the door for him when he came home along with a pair of gloves.  The note said “Welcome Home! There is a surprise waiting for you in the backyard.  X’s and O’s mark the spot. P.S.: You’ll need these.”  Then off he went to dig out the treasures and uncover the clue.

Family Treasure Hunt Ideas - Tools

After finding all the tins in the backyard, he put the letters together in the right order to know where his next clue was hiding in the house (in our freezer).  In the freezer he found this note leading to his next clue.

Family Treasure Hunt Ideas - Clues
We hopped in the van and followed the directions on the clue which took us to Second Cup where we picked up some hot chocolate.  He was then given his second clue and we were off again!

Family Treasure Hunt Ideas - Reward
We’re here!  I had packed the back of the van with winter wear and sleds so Dad could go tobogganing (while my son and I laughed) and then we took our son out for a sleigh ride.

Family Treasure Hunt Ideas - Finale
What would you choose as the treasure for your family treasure hunt?

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