Movies for Mommies

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Movies for Mommies is a fun way to spend an afternoon with your mom and baby group friends. In my city, a local theatre has a program where a weekly matinee is held specifically for moms and their infants (although friends, caregivers and grandparents are all welcome to attend as well).  It’s an excellent play date idea for moms with young babies who want a relaxing afternoon out.

Movies for Mommies

What is Movies for Mommies?

Miss going to movies now that you have a little one at home? It is still possible to go out to a movie with your baby!

In these Movies for Mommies programs, the theatre turns down the volume a bit so the little ones can enjoy a nap while mom watches the movie.  They also provide a baby station at the back of the theatre with a change table area, bottle warmer and stroller parking.  It’s an excellent way to enjoy a movie with the moms in your group since you won’t be worrying about your little one crying and interrupting the show – everyone there is a mom as well so they’ll understand!

Here is a link to Movies for Mommies so you can check for a theatre in your area.  If your local theatre doesn’t offer this type of service, I’m sure that with a prearranged request they’d be willing to accommodate your mom & baby group for a matinee Movies for Mommies one afternoon.

After arriving at the theatre, stocking up on popcorn & soda and settling into your seats, why not test your movie knowledge with a movie trivia quiz (you can print this one for free!).  You could keep score and award a prize to the person with the most correct answers.  A prize idea could be a home movie date night basket with microwavable popcorn, flavored popcorn salt,  non-alcoholic spritzer, two wine glasses and some cutely decorated napkins.

What’s the last movie you saw at the theatre?

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6 thoughts on “Movies for Mommies”

  1. I always wish I had attended a Stars and Strollers event when my kids were born. It always looked like so much fun and you know the audience is supportive if your kid cries 😉

  2. It’s amazing how much you learn from visiting other blogs. I’ve never even heard of “Movies for Mommies” and I highly doubt it would take place in my country. Well, at least in my lifetime, lol!
    While reading this, it almost felt as if I were right there with all the other moms 🙂

    Great post, thanks for sharing. Following you from MBC 🙂

  3. You show a Harkins Theatre in your photo – is that where you go for the Movies for Mommies? We have a Harkins up the road and I’m thinking about calling and seeing if they do this/will do this for the area. I just figured if you go to one already at a Harkins, I might have an easier time getting our Harkins to do so! 😛

    • Actually, I go to a theatre called “Rainbow Cinemas” in Canada. The Harkins Theatre photo was from a trip I took to Phoenix last year. You could check with them though to see if they have a similar program. I think many theatres do. Good Luck! 🙂


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