Baby Gymnastics Classes

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As your baby develops his/her rolling, crawling and walking skills, a fun activity to try out would be baby gymnastics classes. Most cities offer classes for babies starting at the crawling stage.  A fun play date idea for your mom & baby group would be to contact a local gymnastics center and request a sample class for your group.  It’s a great way to have fun while trying out the class to see if it’s something you’d like to register your child in.

Baby Gymnastics Classes

Baby Gymnastics Classes:

These classes are geared to help your baby develop motor skills and coordination through activities such as crawling through tunnels, crawling up and over inclines, and gently bouncing on trampolines.  A parent is required to be with each child at all times to help them through the activities while being lead by a certified instructor.

Classes are split into age groups like crawling to walking is one group, then walking to 2 years is another group, etc. Separating the groups into ages helps to ensure the kids are all around the same level & speed throughout the gymnastic circuits.

The class that we attend with my son is set up on multiple circuits. Baby gymnastics classes run 30 minutes and the little students spend 10 minutes at each section crawling through a little gymnastics obstacle course with inclines, tunnels, trampolines, balance beams and more. My son really seems to enjoy it so I feel confident in recommending you to check for baby gymnastics classes in your area.

Trying it as part of a mom & baby group activity will allow you an opportunity to see if it’s something your child has an interest in yet so you can decide if it’s a program you want to register your child in.

Have you tried baby gymnastics with your child?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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