Packing List for Baby

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Planning to travel with young ones can be stressful. Little ones seem to need so much so how can you decide what you should and shouldn’t pack? I’ve created this free printable packing list for baby to help you out!

For our first out of town trip with our son (who was 6 months at the time) I was so nervous that I seriously packed everything we had at home. I really mean everything – even the big inflatable duck he sat in for his baths. It’s a good thing we drive a van because we would have had a tough time fitting everything into a smaller vehicle.

For our next trip with him (at 15 months) I went quite a bit lighter on the packing (we flew this time so there was no room for the big inflatable duck!). Without a list, I forgot to bring along a thermometer for him. He had only had a cold once so I thought we’d be safe without it. Boy, was I wrong! He ended up with a terrible fever during our trip and we ended up in the hospital in another country.

Needless to say, I always pack for him now using a list. Some of the items on this list may not apply to you (depending on your child’s age or your destination) but it’s a good overview of everything you could need…minus the inflatable duck tub.

Packing List for Baby:

Click here for the free printable.

Packing List for Baby

This printable packing list for baby also includes a few questions to consider before you start packing like will you have a kitchen available to make meals, does your destination offer a crib, etc.

Each category includes a few blank lines so that you can add extra items onto your packing list.

What one baby item can you not travel without?

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  1. Oh how cute are those printables and handy too. I’m going to have to print some out for my cousin who has 18 month old twins. One thing I couldn’t travel without with the kiddos when they were younger were their blankies and binkies, lol!


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