Family Game Night – Game Show Theme

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My husband and I love game shows. Our favorite is Family Feud. If you’d like a good laugh, click here to watch my favorite Family Feud blooper on Here are a few fun ideas for hosting your own family game night with a game show theme.

There are board games available for many popular game shows. For a quick family game night setup, you could purchase one of these games to enjoy as a family. For a game that you can create at home together, here are a few ideas:

Price is Right: Make note of some of the item prices on your latest grocery bill. You can use these items as part of your family game night.

  • Place a few items on a table with scrambled numbers and let team members try to arrange the numbers into the correct price before the timer runs out.
  • Set a specific dollar amount (say $10) and have team members try to gather products from the display table to reach this number without going over. The team member to get closest to your set dollar amount without going over wins.
  • Set out products on a table with a dollar amount by each one. Guests must guess if the price is higher or lower than the price you have listed.

Family Game Night - Game Show

Family Feud: As a family, come up with a list of fun questions like “Name something blue” or “Name an animal that hops”. Type these up and print out a copy for each family member. You could have separate questions for each team, that way you won’t be taking a guess on a question you’ve provided an answer for.

Prior to family game night, each player secretly writes down one answer for each question. You can also ask family members and friends that aren’t playing in the game to provide answers (this way the answers are varied a little and the players won’t have as easy of a time guessing the most popular answer). You’ll then designate one person to gather the answer sheets to make a list of the answers for each question. Your family can then play the game, trying to guess the most popular answers for each question.

What’s your favorite game show?

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