Modern Family Themed Baby Shower

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If you are a huge fan of the Modern Family show on ABC, then you’re sure to love these ideas for hosting a Modern Family themed baby shower. If the mommy-to-be is a fan of the show, she’s sure to appreciate this unique baby shower theme.

Modern Family themed Baby Shower

Modern Family Themed Baby Shower – Invitations:

If you are familiar with Modern Family, you know their opening credits picture frame idea.  Ask the parents-to-be to help on this one by having them pose holding a decorative picture frame in front of their faces.  Use this photo on the front of your invitations.

If the shower is going to be held after the baby is born, take a pregnancy photo of the parents- to-be and then take another photo of the happy little family once the baby arrives.  While the proud dad holds up the pregnancy photo in a decorative frame, the mom then holds their new bundle of joy.

Another invitation photo idea is to have the proud parents-to-be dress all in white for an outdoor photo shoot just as the Modern Family characters did for their family photo shoot.

Modern Family Themed Baby Shower – Decorations:

As guests arrive, have them fill out their name on a “My Name Is…” name tag similar to the one Phil uses when he’s playing the role of Clive Bixby.  Not only is it a funny reference to the show but it helps everyone to learn the names of the other guests at the party.

If your invitations were in the white theme, you could carry this white theme over into the party décor.  If you know the gender of the baby, you could go with the standard baby shower colors of pink or blue. Fresh flowers and helium balloons are an easy and fun décor for a baby shower.

Modern Family Themed Baby Shower – Food:

Appetizers and bite-sized desserts are always popular at baby showers.  Do you remember the first Modern Family episode with Cam & Mitchell on the airplane bringing home their brand new baby?  Someone on the plane made a comment of “look at that baby with those two cream puffs” and Mitchell wrongfully accused the passengers for judging them not knowing that Lily was actually holding two cream puffs.  Well, be sure to include cream puffs on your dessert tray in memory of this funny Modern Family moment!

You could try some Colombian inspired dishes from Gloria’s culture.  For Colombian inspired recipes, check out

Modern Family Themed Baby Shower – Activities:

There are so many fun activities for baby showers and there are many ways to incorporate the Modern Family themed baby shower.  If you have the Modern Family series on DVD, you can show a short clip of the show that is associated with that particular game so that all the guests understand the link between the game and the show.

  • Coddling Your Baby:  Do you remember the episode when Mitchell accused Cam of coddling Lily too much?  Once your guests arrive to the party, give each guest one small plastic baby (you’ll find these for sale at your local craft store).  The rules to this game are easy, never put your baby down.  Your baby must be in sight at all times (can’t be stored in a pocket) and must never be put down.  If you are seen putting your baby down, you are out of the game.  The last guest to still have their baby is the winner!
  • Parenting Tips:  Provide each guest with a small note card and ask that they provide the parents-to-be with their best parenting tip.  You’ll gather these so that you can make a scrapbook for the expectant parents after the party (I’ll discuss the scrapbook idea in more detail below).
  • Baby Poetry:  Manny isn’t your typical child.  He’s very mature for his age with his deep thoughts and his love of poetry.  Split the guests into groups of 2 or 3 and provide them with a challenge to create a poem about the parents-to-be and the baby on the way.  Assign a time limit and when the time is over, each team will read their poem out loud for the mommy-to-be and the rest of the guests.  You can request that the poems rhyme – this helps with creativity.  Be sure to collect the poems after the game so you can include them in the scrapbook keepsake.
  • Recreating Childhood Photos:  Do you remember the episode where Claire and Mitchell were trying to recreate a childhood photo for Jay?  In the invites, request that the guests recreate one of their childhood photos and then bring a copy of both the original childhood photo and the newly recreated photo for a game.  Use a large poster board to display the pictures the guests bring.  Number the photo sets on the poster board and leave small pieces of paper, pens and a bucket beside the display.  Ask guests to review the photos and vote for their favorite using the paper and pens provided.  Near the end of the party, tally the votes and announce the winner.  Be sure to take a picture of the poster board for a keepsake for your guest of honour.
  • Create Your Own Fizbo:  A party just isn’t complete without Fizbo – Cam’s clown personality.  Break the guests into teams of 4 or 5 and provide each with the same supplies, a clown wig, clown nose, construction paper, tape and scissors (and anything else you can think of to transform one person from each team into a clown).  Be sure to have your camera ready to capture some fun moments!

Modern Family Themed Baby Shower – Scrapbook Keepsake:

After the party, you can create a memorable scrapbook for your parents-to-be.  Do you remember the episode where Cam had start putting together a scrapbook/portfolio for the adoption agency when they decided to adopt a baby boy?  The scrapbook had a bit too much flair with bling and popups but it was in perfect Cam style!

This scrapbook can have a “Parenting Tips” theme where you include the parenting tip cards that the guests completed during the party along with some fun parenting tips from the Modern Family series.

One of my favorite lines from the show could work as an example of “Help your child to understand that relationships are sometimes unfair” with the example:

Alex Dunphy: Dumb guys go for dumb girls and smart guys go for dumb girls. What do smart girls get?
Phil Dunphy: Cats, mostly.

Be sure to also include a photo of the childhood photo recreation poster board and the poems written during the poetry game.  A nice touch is also to take a picture of the mommy-to-be with each of the guests so you can include their picture along with their parenting tip card.  You can also provide the mommy-to-be with a copy of these pictures in case she wants to send a copy of the photos along with the thank you cards.

What’s your favorite line from Modern Family?

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  1. I love any party that’s TV or movie themed. What a great idea! Don’t forget holding your babies up like in The Lion King. That was the premiere episode and I was howling. Stopping by from SITS today.

  2. Love it!! I LOVE Modern Family, and I have lots of friends having babies right now…somebody is for sure getting a Modern Family themed baby shower! Great idea!


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