Family Game Night Ideas – Bringing Board Games to Life

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You’re sure to get a lot of laughter with these silly family game night ideas. These ideas are inspired from traditional games you’re likely familiar with. My husband gave me a strange look when I told him about my Velcro patch idea…more on that one in just a moment!

Family Game Night Ideas:

Human Tic-Tac-Toe: You’ll need 2 groups of at least 3 people for this game. Create a tic-tac-toe playing board on the ground using painters tape (it removes easily without leaving a sticky residue). Each team takes a turn having one player stand in a square of the playing board. As team members choose a square, they must hold the hand of their other team member – this helps to see when a tic-tac-toe winning line is forming.The goal of tic-tac-toe is to create a winning line of 3 team members in a row. family-game-night-ideas-tic

Hungry Hippos: This is an easy game to set up. For this game you’ll need plenty of balloons and either 2 small hockey nets or two laundry baskets. Players will compete against each other to quickly get more balloons in their net than the other player. Family Game Night Ideas - Hippo

Clue Mystery Game: Check out this mystery party post to find easy ways to set up secret clues around your home like glow in the dark messages, secret clues requiring the use of a magnifying glass and more.

Barrel of Monkeys: When I first told me husband about this game, he gave me a strange look but I promised him it would be fun. What you’ll need for this game is a plain t-shirt, some sticky Velcro pads, and some small/light stuffed animals. Place some sticky Velcro pads on various areas of the shirt then place the other portion of the Velcro pads on some stuffed animals. The goal of this game is to roll around the ground to try to stick as many stuffed animals to the Velcro pads on the shirt as possible – without using your hands. It was inspired by the Barrel of Monkeys game…but I guess it’s quite different than the actual game. Oh well, it was still funny watching my husband roll around the ground trying to attach stuffed animals to his shirt. Family Game NIght Ideas - Velcro

What are your favorite family game night ideas?

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10 thoughts on “Family Game Night Ideas – Bringing Board Games to Life”

  1. Oh those sound like fun!! Your hubs is a good sport. 🙂 My kiddos would love thr tic tac toe game. I have a slumber party full of 10 year olds coming up…. we may try this out.

  2. We’re totally board game peeps too. I like your ideas for bringing some of these classic games alive, and getting a bit of exercise in the process! Oh, and your husband’s a good sport too!! 😉


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