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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! Today’s featured party expert is Alyssa with Just a Little Sparkle. Alyssa’s work has been featured on Moms & Munchkins numerous times in some of our most popular party posts (Aviation Party, o”FISH”al Valentine’s Day, Milk & Cookies Party, among others). She has also designed a large portion of my son’s 2nd birthday party and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Today Alyssa will be telling us a bit more about Just a Little Sparkle and sharing some party decorating tips with us.

Before we get to Alyssa’s interview, I want to let you know that she’s currently on her way to reaching 3000 Facebook fans and she has a HUGE giveaway planned to start once she reaches that goal. So stop by her Facebook page and show her a little love!

Just a Little Sparkle Logo

1) How would you describe “Just A Little Sparkle”?

Just a Little Sparkle is a one-stop-shop where you can purchase a entire party package to fit your party theme (invitations, banners, items to adorn your baked goods, stickers, favor tag items, etc.).

2) How long have you been designing party printables?

I started my company back in 2010. I had always loved planning events and I used to plan some events when I was working for a large company.  When my daughter was born, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom and left the company.  When it was my daughter’s 2nd birthday, someone said to me, “You should do this as a side business”.  It clicked and I thought, I can do this and it’s something I love to do!  I remember trying to think of my business name and my parents and husband were all brainstorming together.  I remember saying, “What I do is like adding a bit of sparkle to your party”  and from there came my business name, “Just a Little Sparkle”. Just a Little Sparkle Chic

3) What is the most unique way you’ve seen your party printables used?

I actually was very proud to see an event planner use my Breast Cancer items.  I created various items for her and it all turned out so beautifully. Just a Little Sparkle Example

4) What advice would you offer a parent who doesn’t know where to start when planning a party for his/her child?

Research, research, research. Find out what your child might like and the colors you want to do and then go from there. Just a Little Sparkle Red Wagon

5) If someone wants to add a “Wow” factor to their party but still stay within a budget, do you have any suggestions?

Couple things..

  • Ask the vendor you’re using for a discount, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Most people, if you purchase several items, will offer a discount.
  • Backdrops set the tone for a party when guests arrive.  You can really make a backdrop from anything as long as you can glue or string it together to make that powerful punch!  Get creative with it.
  • Local Office supply stores will print large files for a very low cost.  Some even less than $10.00 for photos as big as 24”x36”.

Just a Little Sparkle Christmas

All photos featured here are courtesy of Just a Little Sparkle.

We’d like to send a big Thank You to Alyssa for being featured in this Party Tip Tuesday! Be sure to check her out on Facebook to keep updated on all of her fabulous creations and visit her Etsy shop when planning your next party.

Do you have party related questions that you’d like me to ask an expert? Do you have a favorite expert that you’d love to see featured? Please contact me to let me know!

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  1. I like that you can purchase everything you need in just one stop. Too many times I tried to get everything I needed for a party for my daughter and the stores always seem to be out of something. So aggravating.



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