Aviation Birthday Party Ideas

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Aviation Birthday - Overview Up, Up and Away! Do you have a little one who loves airplanes and dreams of becoming a pilot one day? Here are some fun aviation birthday party ideas that he (or she) is sure to love! Here I’ll provide ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, food, dessert and treat bags. All of the cute printables featured here were created by Just a Little Sparkle.

Aviation Birthday Invitations:

An adorable idea for an invitation for a aviation birthday party is a boarding pass similar to what you’d find at the airport. This cute design from Just a Little Sparkle can be customized with all of your party details. When you print them out, you’ll want to cut all of the edges rounded so that it looks even more like a boarding pass. You can also perforate the invitation along the dotted lines.

Aviation Birthday Invitations

Some other cute ideas include: Aviation Birthday Party - Invitations1. Photo Birthday Party Invitations, Fun Flier
2. Birthday Party Invitation, Airplane Fun

Aviation Birthday Decorations:

Whenever I’m trying to think of ideas for a party, I brainstorm ideas for everything that comes to my mind when I think of that theme. So what comes to mind when I think of aviation? Pilots, airplanes, clouds, flying banners on planes, passports, luggage, airplane propellers, first class, baggage claim, airport lounge, in-flight snacks…and the list goes on!

A fun idea for a banner is to have an airplane with a flying banner behind it that says “Happy Birthday!”. Did you know that you can print party printables on poster sized paper at your local copy center? For under $4 each, I printed the fun airplane and banner shown in the first picture above. I linked the two pieces together with a red ribbon.

Other fun decoration ideas for an airplane birthday party include:

  • small luggage decor (check your local dollar store or craft store)
  • printable “first class” flags
  • a sign on the food table for “Airport Lounge”
  • a sign by the treat bag area that says “Baggage Claim”
  • clouds on the wall and hanging from the ceiling (paper lanterns covered in cotton would be a fun idea)
  • toy airplanes or inflatable airplanes hanging from the ceiling
  • pilot’s hat

Aviation Birthday - Lounge

Aviation Birthday Decor Luggage

Aviation Birthday Party - Decorations1. Child’s Pilot Hat
2. Set of 3 Inflatable Airplanes
3. Balloons with Clouds
4. Old-fashioned Small Suitcase with Straps
5. Superfighter Jet Balloon
6. Cloud Wall Decals

Aviation Birthday Activities:

Not just anyone can hop behind the controls of a plane and fly so if your little ones want to be pilots, they are going to have to attend Pilot Training. Your pilot training exercise can include fun challenges like:

  • making paper airplanes and flying them through a hoop or past a finish line
  • building a small model airplane as a group
  • running through an obstacle course of hoops and safety cones
  • working together as a team to solve a problem (like a silly relay race involving in-flight snacks)

Aviation Birthday Food:

Your aviation birthday party food could include some popular in-flight snacks like cookies and pretzels along with more filling choices like propellers (skinny spring rolls or bread sticks) and mini clouds (filled puffed pastry appetizers). Bottle labels for “jet fuel” is a fun idea for pop or water bottles.Aviation Birthday Food Ideas

Aviation Birthday Snack Ideas

Aviation Birthday Drink Ideas

Aviation Birthday Dessert:

You can never go wrong with delicious cupcakes for dessert. One of the great things about cupcakes is that you can have a few different flavors so that there is a fun variety to choose from. These cupcake toppers from Just a Little Sparkle are the perfect touch to bring the theme together. Aviation Birthday Dessert

If you prefer cake or want to load your dessert table up with other fun options, here are ideas for an airplane cake pan, an airplane cookie cutter and airplane cupcake toppers. Aviation Birthday Party - Dessert Ideas1. Wilton Aluminum Airplane Cake Pan
2. R&M Airplane Cookie Cutter
3. Airplane Candle Holders with Candles

Aviation Birthday Treat Bags:

It’s always a good idea to place a table for the party favors near the door so that you remember to give guests a treat bag as they leave the party. A fun idea for an aviation birthday party is to create a sign for the “Baggage Claim” area where guests can pick up their treat bags. Among some toy airplanes, a bag of cotton candy labeled “clouds” is a creative idea for this party theme. Here are some more fun ideas: Aviation Birthday - Favors

Aviation Birthday Favor Bag Idea

Aviation Birthday Treat Bags1. Glider Planes – 12 per unit
2. Pilot Aviator Rubber Ducks
3. Cute Airplane Travel Luggage Tag
4. Zoomsters Jumbo Jet Friction Wind Up Toy
5. Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy
6. Kids Jet Shot Plane Launcher

What is the longest flight you’ve ever been on?

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