Frog Prince Party

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I think that a frog prince party theme is one of the cutest party ideas out there! My favorite color combo is pink & lime green and it’s so easy to work those colors into this theme. I love this theme so much that I even added a few small frog prince items into my wedding. Here you’ll find ideas for invitations, decorations, food, activities and treat bags. There will even be a few cute (& free) printables!

Frog Prince Party – Invitations

For this theme you can use a princess themed invitation since they are so easy to find and there are so many cute designs out there. If you are looking for something a little different, try a more modern design in pink & green or something with a frog prince on it. You can print this one for free! You’ll find the matching treat bag tag printable a little later in this post.Frog Prince Party InvitesYour invitation wording could include phrases such as “Her Majesty Requests the Honor of Your Presence…”, “Here ye, here ye!”, “A Royal Celebration”.

Here are some other fun ideas for your Frog Prince Party: Frog Prince Party - Invitation1. FROG PRINCE OR PRINCESS – Birthday Photo Invitations – Print Your Own
2. Birthday party invitation, Pink Castle
3. Studio basics: photo birthday party invitations, Royal Birthday

Frog Prince Party – Decorations

Pink & lime green are the perfect colors to accent a frog prince party. You can work in these colors in balloons, streamers, paper lanterns, flowers and tableware. If you don’t mind the mess, top tables with sparkle glitter. Depending on how fancy you want to be, you could also include a red carpet arrival area. Here are some other fun ideas: Frog Prince Party - Decorations1. Frog Kiss Balloon 28in
2. Princess Crown Jumbo 34″ Foil Balloon
3. 12 Rose Pink Dot Polka Dot Balloons – Made in USA
4. 11 Inch Big Polka Dots Lime Green Balloons 6CT
5. Princess Crown Balloon Weight
6. Fairytale Princess Personalized Banner

Frog Prince Party – Activities

There are so many fun game ideas that go along with a frog prince party or a princess themed party that you can make an entire scavenger hunt game filled with fun challenges! After the guests arrive to the party, let them know that they have been invited to a princess ball but the princess attire has went missing. Let them know that by completing a series of challenges, they will be given clues to the find the treasure chest full of special princess dress-up clothes for the ball. You can then hand them their first clue and set them off on their first challenge!

Pin The Kiss On The Frog: This is a perfect game for a Frog Prince Party! Each guest will have to take a turn being blindfolded and trying to pin the kiss on the frog.

Pretty Pinata Clue: Have the guests take turns trying to break open a frog prince themed pinata. Mixed in with the candy filling will be the next clue.

Create Your Own Tiara: You can purchase foam tiaras and some sticker bling and have the guests create their own crowns in order to be given their next clue.

Clock Set To Midnight: We all remember what happens when the clock strikes midnight, right? Have your guests search the house for the clock that’s set to midnight. This is where they’ll find their next clue.

Lily Pad Hopscotch: Before the party, use this free lily pad printable to print out a few lily pads. Then stick these to the ground to create a lily pad hopscotch game. All guests must successfully complete the lily pad hopscotch game in order to be given the next clue.

Find the Hidden Princesses: Purchase a few tiaras from your local dollar store and display them around the house on some unlikely princesses – for example, stuffed animals, statues, picture frames, maybe even dad! Give the guests the challenge to find all the unlikely princesses around the party area in order to be given their next clue. Don’t forget to include a frog in the Frog Prince Party!Frog Prince Party GamesDisney Princess Trivia: Quiz the guests with this free printable Disney Princess Trivia game. Once they answer all of the questions correctly, they can be given their next clue.

Find The Glass Slipper: Hide a glass slipper somewhere in the party area and ask the guests to find it in order to receive their next clue.

For a special added touch, you may want to hire a princess to help lead your party & the game adventures!

The last clue will lead the guests to the hidden treasure filled with outfits they can wear to the princess ball such as tiaras, feather boas, candy necklaces, toy rings and princess wands. Frog Prince Party Activities

The little princesses are then ready to attend the ball! Set up a dance area at the party for the guests to enjoy. You could also try some of these dance party games. Frog Prince Party - Activities1. Kiss The Frog Princess Game
2. Frog Prince Pinata
3. Castle Pinata
4. Tiara Pinata
5. Crown Kit
6. Glass Slipper
7. Velvet Princess Hat
8. Jewel Tiara
9. Treasure Chest 3-D Centerpiece
10. Candy Necklace
11. Feather Boa
12. Mini Fairy Princess Wand

Frog Prince Party – Food

Be creative when selecting your food choices for the party but be sure to include food for even the pickiest eaters. Some food ideas are:

  • Snow White & The 7-Layer Dip: You can use this turkey taco dip recipe and add in a few extra layers like lettuce & diced tomatoes in order to give it 7 layers.
  • Frog & Princess Cookie Cutters can help to make themed cheese slices and shaped sandwiches
  • Pink Lemonade or Key-Lime Soda and include green or pink candy lemon slices on the rims of the cups

Table settings can include princess themed decor or pink & green combinations. You can also purchase some diamond stickers in order to use them as decor on the cups or as napkin rings.

Frog Prince Party Table

Frog Prince Party Decor

Frog Prince Party - Food1. Fairytale Princess Dinner Plates
2. Solid Dinner Plates
3. Solid Luncheon Napkins
4. Solid Cups
5. Rhinestone Stickers, Singles Clear
6. Goblet

Frog Prince Party – Dessert

Dessert selections could be as easy as cupcakes frosted green with edible glitter on the top along with pink & green candy. If you are the crafty type and enjoy cake decorating, you could try a princess themed cake pan.

For something completely different, try pumpkin pie or pumpkin tarts and call them Pumpkin Carriage Pie or Tarts – just a fun name for a delicious pumpkin pie or tart recipe!

Frog Prince Party FoodHere are some other fun ideas & dessert accessories: Frog Prince Party - Dessert1. Fairytale Princess Candle
2. Crown Cake Pan
3. Enchanted Castle Cake Pan
4. Fairytale Princess Cake Plates
5. Wilton Princess Cupcake Wraps’ n Pix
6. Princess Tiara Crown Cupcake Picks

Frog Prince Party – Treat Bags

Treat bags for a frog prince theme are super easy to put together – just think pink & sparkles! Here’s a free printable frog prince tag for your treat bags. If you gave the guests special princess attire for the princess ball, then you’re treat bags have already been started! Frog Prince Party - Favors1. “Enchanted Carriage” Favor Boxes
2. Body Glitter
3. Princess Necklace Craft Kit
4. Tiara
5. Fairytale Princess Stickers
6. Princess Deluxe Favor Set
7. Frog Prince Cookie Cutter
8. Inflatable Frog Shaped Beach Balls (12 pc)
9. 24-pc Fairy Tale Finger Puppet Party Favors

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