Free Printable Easter Bingo Cards

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Easter Bingo Cards Featured

As Easter is approaching I wanted to do something with our family that was a little different than the standard egg hunt but is still fun. Of course, you can always default to playing video games, but our kids get enough screen time already. Plus we love playing games, from board games to card games to silly games, if its a game our family loves it. As Easter approaches, I was like how can we have some fun as a family and play an Easter-themed game for all ages. I was like well let me sharpen up my graphic skills and make us an Easter bingo. I made a set of free printable Easter bingo cards and want to share them with you! Bingo is a game whether you are young or old you can enjoy it. Who doesn’t love the anticipation waiting for your last spot being called so you can then shout “Bingo”.

Easter Bingo Free Printable

Free Printable Easter Bingo Cards

I suggest you print one set and play it. The best part is if it gets worn out or colored on you just print a new set. This is a great game to play at kids Easter parties as well. I have some suggestions for you as to what to give the winner. You can go with the obvious and offer up some candy or a sweet treat to the winner, but I decided to mix it up and offered up an Easter Egg to the winner of the game. The fun part was they didn’t know it but some of the eggs I put money in them. Needless to say, some were hoping happy when they opened their egg and saw a dollar bill in it. You can always go to the dollar store or stop by the Target dollar bins to find prizes as well. One night we even played before dinner and the winner was able to choose what we had for dessert that night. Below you can see a picture of an example of one of the Easter bingo cards.

Easter Bingo Card Example

Instructions for the Free Printable Easter Bingo Cards

Click here and download the file for the Easter Bingo cards and print them. We suggest you print them on card stock this way the game pieces will last longer, but you can print it on regular paper as well. Once printed cut out the 8 game boards. The last page is the calling cards. Since they are pictures even the littlest ones can be the call for Easter bingo.  Cut the calling cards out and use it as the draw pile for the caller of that round of Easter bingo. Now you have the bingo cards and the calling cards but you still need one more thing. You need something to use as a marker on the bingo cards themselves. Some suggestions for markers are candy-like jelly beans (Don’t use anything chocolate unless you want a mess to clean up.), money like pennies or you can even use snack crackers like goldfish crackers or mini-ritz. Honestly, anything that is small to fit in the squares will work, but be warned if you use candy or snacks the kids will eat them, but really that makes it even more fun. Now you have everything ready for your Easter bingo night, lets talk about how you play.

Easter Bingo Calling Cards Example

How to Play Easter Bingo

Printed Bingo Cards
  1. Print the Cards from the File. Each player needs an Easter bingo card. If you have more than 8 people then put the on teams or just make them take turns.
  2. Make sure each player has access to the markers. (Candy, pennies, goldfish, etc..)
  3. One person will need to be the caller.
  4. The caller will shuffle the calling cards and draw the first card.
  5. Kids can use a piece of candy or other marker pieces to cover their spots.
  6. The caller chooses one card from the facedown pile and describes the picture on the card. The caller may also show the card to the players.
  7. Each player looks over his/her card and covers the called picture if it is on his/her card.
  8. The caller will call out each card until someone has a bingo.
  9. Bingo can be made by collecting 4 corners or 5 spots in a row. You can mix it up to do other ways to achieve bingo as well!
  10. Have fun, play multiple times to give everyone a chance to win and even offer up special prizes for the winners.
Family at Easter

We hope you enjoy these Free Printable Easter Bingo Cards for hours of family fun! Remember you can use these for home, work or even school use. Feel free to share them with your friends and family as everyone loves to play bingo. Use them at your next kids’ Easter party and kids are sure to have a blast trying to win.

Free Printable Easter Bingo Cards

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