10 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

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The best of times in a kid’s life is their birthday–and just because our perspective on parties has shifted doesn’t mean that special event has to be squashed this year. By throwing your kid one of these 10 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas, you can bring them the joy they love about their birthday!

Remember you can still have cake and decor at the birthday boy or girl’s home for them to eat. As you don’t want everything to be virtual, but as you do a mix of local fun with just the family and virtual fun with friends it will be a memorable birthday party.

10 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

Virtual Video Game Party

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #1 – Virtual Gaming Party

Basically, kids love playing video games and, especially with the current drive to stay indoors, the game creators have set up ways for people to “get together” and play in teams in the game environment. Most of these games don’t require a special gaming computer or anything, and most kids are familiar with them. If you ask your kiddo, I’m sure they’ll direct you on how to pull this off, but just in case, here are my tips.

What You Need to Set Up a Virtual Gaming Party

  • Pick a gaming platform, be it Minecraft, Mario Kart Tour, Fortnite: Battle Royale, Stardew Valley, Sea of Thieves, Pokemon Go or so many others that allow teams of people to play together, build the world around them and just play together. 
  • Be sure to pick the platform that is appropriate for the age group of kiddos you’re bringing together. Don’t make your 15-year-old play Mario Kart Tour unless it truly is their favorite game. But don’t expect everyone in your party to want their 7-year-old to be playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. Find the balance for all the kiddos. Just like you would if you were taking them all somewhere.
  • Send invitations for the virtual birthday party, via email or text to schedule a time, giving each invitee a rundown of anything they’ll need to sign-in, providing a link for the app, if necessary, or specific login-instructions. Be prepared for the families that might not play this specific game regularly.
Watch a Movie together

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #2 – Movie Watching Party

Got a kiddo that’s not quite ready for a video game party, but wants to “hang out” with their friends despite not being able to be in the same room? Great news, there’s a few options for watching a movie together! Not as neat as sitting in the theater, but infinitely more simple than trying to order popcorn, drinks and candy for 10 little squealing girls, this type of virtual party is one of my favorites for the little kids. 

What You Need to Set Up a Movie Watching Party

  • One of the biggest streaming services, Netflix, has a “party” set-up that couldn’t be easier. You just go to the Netflix website and pick any show or Movie to watch. Then just click the red “NP” icon next to the address bar in your browser. Then choose “Start Party”, and share the party URL to invite friends. The movie will play for everyone so you’re all seeing the same thing–and you can hook up via Zoom or FaceTime to chat! But there are other services that do the same, including TwoSeven and KastApp.
  • Be sure to pick an age-appropriate movie or show. The last thing you want to do is let your kiddo decide and then it upsets another mom or dad when they realize their 5-year-old is watching Deadpool. 
  • Reach out and make sure each of the families you’re inviting have their own Netflix account, as that’s how they’ll login. Then, send your invitations via email or text, get set-up on the couch and start watching!
Drive By Celebration

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #3 – Drive-By Parade Party

If you have a local group of friends, you can invite them to do a drive-by parade for your kiddo’s birthday. Not only will your kiddo be ecstatic, imagine how excited the other kids will be to decorate their car?! Isn’t it every kid’s dream to be in a parade?! 

What You Need to Set Up a Drive-By Parade Party

  • Start by identifying a place that all of your party attendees can meet-up (staying in their cars) like at the parking lot of the grocery store down the street or the corner of the intersection a block away. Make sure your invitations note that this is where the parade will start and at what time. 
  • Tell your invitees exactly what time your own kiddo will be in the yard to see the parade, so you are all on the same page.
  • Send out drive-by invitations and make sure to let them know if you have a theme in mind or any kind of special requests for music to play or types of decoration ideas you recommend. 
Crafting Party

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #4 – Virtual Crafting Party

If your kiddo loves to craft as mine do, then this kind of party might be the most fun you can have for arty-type kiddo. This kind of guided craft party is a lot of fun in person and became very popular recently. But going virtual, it’s got a whole new twist. The kids can make in their own craft in their own home, with a guide to help them get their project done picture perfect!

What You Need to Set Up a Virtual Crafting Party

  • Identify a craft you think your party-goers will enjoy and be able to accomplish. Meaning, age-appropriate crafts that they are capable of, but also that they’ll have a good time doing–just because 10-year-old boys CAN make a birdhouse doesn’t mean that they would love that. Maybe pick something like a pirate ship or car. Something cool.
  • You can either prepare a craft supply package for each kiddo or you can pick a pre-packaged craft that you can send to everyone in advance. Like Sand Art or Window Art. If you want to make your own craft kit, be sure to include everything they might need–don’t assume every family has paints or glue. 
  • Be sure to note on your virtual craft party invitations the login instructions for Zoom or whatever medium you’re going to use to get the kids together.
Board Games

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #5 – Virtual Board Game Party

If you have kids that are a little more into board games and a little less into crafting, you can get the kids playing a classic board game together–only virtually! No, it’s not like actually sitting down and playing Clue in the living room with popcorn and sodas, but it can be pretty close to just that. And, with older kiddos, they’re going to love the friendly competition.

What You Need to Set Up a Virtual Board Game Party

  • One of the most low-tech installs, you just pick which board game from Pogo then get that on the invitations, along with a time to login and the username you plan to use so all the kids can hook-up. 
  • Once the kids are all in contact with each other, if they seem to start getting bored with one board game (pun intended), then just move to the next–just like you would with a real board game party.
  • Keep in mind that this is best done for older kiddos who understand how board games work. Younger kids are going to lose interest and not feel the need to keep playing. 

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #6 – Virtual Lego Party

For kiddos who really love playing with Legos, these kinds of virtual parties are just about the best idea ever. Not only will they get to play Legos with their friends, they’ll actually learn how to make something and maybe expand some of their building-skills. Great for a large party, too, with lots of varying skill sets, because it’s a guided party and the kids will have help to create.

What You Need to Set Up a Virtual Lego Party

  • First, you’ll want to find a party guide for your Lego Party like Snapology. Like with any party, you’ll want to book your party then send out your invitations. This is probably the simplest type of party to set up! Just make sure everyone has some Legos and you’re good to go!
Workout Party

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #7 – Virtual Workout Party

This is kind of a cross between a PE class and a jump party–only without being in the PE class or in the trampoline park. A guided experience with big-muscle activity that will get the kids really moving, this kind of party is perfect for the group of kiddos that are super active. And it’s relatively easy, too, much like going to the trampoline park. 

What You Need to Set Up a Virtual Workout Party

  • Go online to your local trampoline park or a group like SkyZone and book a party, just like you would if you were doing an in-person event.
  • Send out your birthday party invitations, including whatever instructions are necessary for logging into the party and get ready to jump!

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #8 – Virtual Bingo Party

One of the easiest ways to party with the kiddos, play a game and really just get the kids laughing together. Particularly with the younger kiddos, this is a great way for them to play together while being miles apart. 

What You Need to Set Up a Virtual Bingo Party

Kids Paint Party

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #9 – Virtual Paint Party

Much like the virtual crafting party, a virtual paint party is perfect for kiddos that love to make things. But these parties are a little easier because the supplies are so much more limited. You can expect kids from infants all the way up to adults to enjoy a painting party. 

What You Need to Set Up a Virtual Paint Party

  • Sign up and create a party through EventBrite Paint Parties, scheduling a time and coordinating the invites on the same platform. 
  • Make sure everyone has the necessary supplies and start painting. You can hire a painting teacher or just give the kids a “model” to paint like in an art class. The world is wide open–as is painting.
Kids Dance

Virtual Birthday Party Idea #10 – Virtual Dance Party

All kids love to dance. Love love love. Literally, I have never found a kid that hates dancing. So, make it easy for them to dance together–even if they’re not in the same room! 

What You Need to Set Up a Virtual Dance Party

  • Send out invitations with a time and login instructions for a Zoom meeting.
  • Jump on Zoom, pick a song and start dancing. You can set up a playlist on Pandora or pick your favorite genre on Slacker. 
  • Add a fun “award” system for the kids to give each other kudos for “best moves” or “best boogie”.

Basically, though, any way you set up a virtual birthday party, it’s going to be so much better than just having a sad-sack of a kiddo on their birthday because they can’t be with their friends. So, think through what they’re going to enjoy the most and make a memorable experience out of a unique time in their life.

And, just in case the kiddo has a friend that needs a few birthday party ideas in the virtual setting, be sure to pin this to your favorite birthday party ideas board on Pinterest!

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