Drops of Love Baby Shower

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This Drops of Love Baby Shower post is courtesy of our contributor Chantelle of Dolled Up DesignLast month I shared the Hippo Baby Shower I hosted for my sister, so today I thought it would be fun to share another great baby shower I put together for a friend a few years ago. My Drops of Love baby shower was a lot of fun to put together and is chock full of colorful rainbow details.

Drops of Love Baby Shower

Drops of Love Baby Shower:

I was lucky that my friend trusted me enough to pass over full creative control for her daughter’s baby shower. The shower was held in April and baby was due in May, so I played off the old saying “April showers bring May flowers”. Unbeknownst to me, the Mom-to-be actually had a rainbow themed nursery growing up so my choice of theme couldn’t have been more spot-on.

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My color pallet came from some great chevron printed tablecloths I found at Target. I love that it deviated a bit from the standard rainbow, but was still colorful and fun. To co-ordinate, I was also able to find inexpensive plastic platters, brightly colored watering cans and faux flowers to dress the Drops of Love baby shower table.

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For my main decoration, I decided to make a large rainbow from streamer wrapped plumbing insulation tubes and clouds cut from foamcore. As a finishing touch, small cardstock hearts and raindrops hung like a mobile off the end. It provided big impact hung up behind my food table and I was able to keep it inexpensive mostly using materials I already had around my house.

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Like with all my afternoon parties, I kept the Drops of Love baby shower menu to simple fingers foods and a selection of sweet treats. I decorated simple raindrop and heart-shaped sugar cookies in my party colors and baked up cloud-shaped meringues on toothpicks to insert into store bought cupcakes my friend provided.

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I serve fruit at parties and always try to find fun and appealing ways to display it. To match the theme of this Drops of Love baby shower party, I chose fruits in my color scheme and arranged them on the platters in the shape of a rainbow. For an added touch, I had a white chocolate cream cheese dip that was displayed in heart shaped dishes at each end of the rainbow.

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To go with the “shower” theme, I also had these adorable umbrellas made from a cut-off bendy straw inserted into half a round of Babybel cheese. These were a nice savory option alongside a veggie and dip tray and the store-bought sandwich platters my friend provided.

Cute Snacks for a Baby Shower

During the baby shower, we guessed the size of mommy’s tummy and played a game of Price is Right. I had done the baby shower Price is Right at a previous shower and revamped it a bit to match my color scheme. It was a lot of fun watching the mom-to-be and audience match the prices to the selection of baby items I provided.

Price is Right Baby Shower Game

It is now three years later and I still really love this shower. Many of the details could be easily translated for a kids rainbow themed birthday party, or used as inspiration for your own April Showers baby or bridal shower.

Drops of Love Baby Shower

We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Chantelle for sharing these creative party ideas with us! Her parties & crafts are always easy to recreate and kids love them! Be sure to follow her on Facebook to stay updated on all her fabulous ideas.

Drops of Love Baby Shower

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