7 Easy Ways To Live a Healthier & Happier Life

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We all want to live a healthier and happier life but some of us struggle with where to start. What foods should we eat? What fitness routine could I start and want to stick with? How do I make time for a healthy lifestyle while still making time for my family, work and other relationships? Balancing it all can be difficult but I’ll share a few easy ways to live a healthier and happier life. Many of these tips are what I follow as a single mom, business owner and chocolate fan.

Living a Healthier and Happier Life

Living a Healthier and Happier Life:

Daily Exercise: You don’t need an expensive gym membership or several hours a day to add in some quality exercise. I’ve been following a free program by Bikini Body Mommy for over a year now and I love it! Briana is totally relatable and she fits the routines into a 20-minute program each day. Best of all, you don’t have to leave the house for fitness so you can totally workout in your pyjamas!

Want to get out to meet more people? Joining a co-ed recreational league could help you meet some new friends plus it’s a fun way to get some exercise. You don’t have to be an athlete for these rec leagues – they have programs for all ages and fitness levels.

Want to include your spouse? Try planning some fun fitness dates that get your body moving like bowling, your local leisure center for racket ball, dance lessons, etc.

Take Care of Your Body: Yes, this seems like a pretty general suggestion. This could mean something different to everyone. If you have some medical concerns lingering, talk to your doctor to see what your healing options are. If you’re stressed, maybe you need to talk to a professional to clear your mind.

Take Care of Your Skin: To continue on the previous point, let’s not forget to take care of your skin – moisturizing, sunblock, hydrating, etc. For me, this includes trying the new L’Oreal Revitalift Cicacream. I’m turning the big 4-0 this year so, whether I want to admit it or not, I need to start thinking about anti-aging products for my skin. L’Oreal Revialift Cicacream sounded like a good place for me to start because it’s paraben-free, fragrance-free and allergy tested making it suitable for my sensitive skin. In fact, Revitalift Cicacream is the 1stanti-aging cream certified by the Canadian Dermatology Association*.

This preventative cream with natural ingredients includes Centella Asiatica (a.k.a Tiger Grass). It’s a plant that has been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine for its’ natural remedies for wrinkles. It helps promote the formation of collagen and elastic fibers, which are essential for skin elasticity. We all want skin that bounces back into place quickly once stretched, right? Just as an example, many years ago I got up after a massage and I had those goofy massage table wrinkles across my face. The massage therapist saw me examining my face in the mirror and said “Ya, as you get older it takes longer for those creases to smooth back out”. Geesh, thanks! Ha!

I haven’t been using the cream for long enough to tell you the full results yet, but in less than 4 weeks I have found that it does help bring moisture back to my skin making it feeling smoother and softer. This helps my makeup go on smoother as well, not settling into those fine lines as much. It dries quickly too and doesn’t leave that oily appearance that some other face lotions do.

Living a Healthier and Happier Life

Eating Healthy Foods: We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for us, so why do so many of us have a tough time eating the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables? What I find helps me eat better is to wash and cut up fresh vegetables and fruit for a few days at a time. That way I have healthy snacks ready when hunger strikes. Bored of the regulars? Search “healthy vegetable recipes” on Pinterest and you’ll find plenty of inspiration for new food combinations to try. If you work out of the home a lot, pack yourself healthy snacks to eat on the road or in the office.

As I’m sure you can see from all the dessert recipes I share on the blog, I love desserts. I know I wouldn’t be happy to give up sugar forever. Life without cake? No thanks! Try the 90/10 rule – eat healthy 90% of the time but give yourself some flexibility for that other 10%.

Take Time To Relax: Relaxation means something different to everyone. Some people enjoy meditation (I recommend the Headspace app), some prefer a quiet bubble bath with candlelight, others like curling up on a cozy chair with a good book. Whatever makes you feel the most relaxed, try to schedule at least 20 minutes a day just for you to relax and unwind.

Drink Lots Of Water: It’s so easy to do yet many of us don’t get enough water during the day. Did you know that drinking water helps flush toxins from your body? If you’re having troubles remembering to drink enough water during the day, you could go as far as setting reminders on your phone. An easier solution could be to flavour your water a bit with fresh fruit then keep a fresh bottle of water with you every where you go.

Get Back To Nature: With spring weather slowly arriving, get back outside to enjoy nature with activities like a walk at the beach, hike in the mountains, bike ride with a healthy picnic, swimming at an outdoor pool, or schedule a family walk around the neighbourhood each night after dinner.

Feeling good on the inside and taking care of your body on the outside are both important. Happiness radiates from within and we all want to put our best self forward. Who knows – by the time my 40th birthday arrives in a few months, maybe I’ll get asked for ID when ordering a birthday drink! And no, not ID to claim the seniors discount. {wink}

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