Diner Party

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A retro diner party is a fun idea for a fifties themed party or a soda shop inspired birthday.  There are so many fun ideas for food, decor and games.  These diner party ideas are great for both kids and adults!
Diner Party

Diner Party – Invitations

Your diner party invitations can start off with a fun phrase such as “Shake, Rattle-N-Roll”, “Twist & Shout” or “Rockin’ Around The Clock”. Be creative and don’t worry about sounding silly – that’s all part of the fun! Your invitations could include items such as shakes, floats, jukeboxes, records or anything else with a retro diner party theme.

Click here for a free printable invitation (shown below) with free black & white checkered paper that could be used for personalized gift tags. 

Diner Party – Decorations

Do you have old records around the house?  These can be used for decorations on the walls around the party area.  Old record covers can also be used on the wall or placed into temporary frames to display during the party.

You’ll want to have something available to play fun retro music from the 50’s, 60’s and even the 70’s.  If you’re really lucky, you may have a company in your city that rents jukeboxes!

If you have a company in your city that rents bar stools, this would work perfectly to set up a soda shop bar area at the party. With a little Google searching, you can find some free printable music notes to hang around the party as well.  Here are some other fun ideas: Diner Party - Decorations1. Rock & Roll Record Whirls Party Accessory
2. Musical Notes Around
3. Rock-N-Roll Jukebox 65in Scene Setter
4. Rock-N-Roll Jukebox 29in Balloon
5. Soda Jerk Hats Party Accessory
6. 1950’s Soda Shop Scene Kit Party Accessory
7. 1950’s Tissue Ice Cream Sundae
8. Jukebox Photo/Balloon Holder Party Accessory
9. Recycled Classic Vinyl Record Decor Bowl

Diner Party – Activities

Waiter/Waitress Races:  Create a miniature obstacle course with pylons to walk around and streamers to climb over and under.  Give each team a plastic serving tray topped with plastic cups of water and some food (something that would be difficult to balance on a tray – like eggs still in the shell).  Two teams can compete against each other by racing from one end to another, passing off the tray to the next team member to continue the obstacle relay race.  The first team to successfully deliver their tray of food (meaning each person on the team would’ve had to complete their turn) wins!

Sock Hop:  Put on some music and let the kids have their own sock hop dance party.  Here are some fun dance party ideas for kids.

Diner Party – Food

Your diner food can be as simple as burgers, hot dogs, fries, coleslaw and pickles.  Serving food in plastic baskets is a great way to tie in the theme. Diner Party - Food1. Red Oval Plastic Fast Food Basket
2. Tablecraft Products Retro Condiment Caddy Set
3. Nostalgia Retro Series Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Diner Party – Dessert

Diner Party desserts are super easy to make!  Use your imagination to create milkshakes for the guests or set up a milkshake station with ice cream, fruit selections and a blender and let your guests create their own. Here is a link to some delicious recipes for shakes and floats.
You could also serve ice cream sundaes in fun sundae cups along with whipped cream & cherries.

What would an old retro diner be without homemade pies!  You could have a variety of pies available along with scoops of ice cream. Diner Party - Dessert1. Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Dessert Glass
2. Bella Cupcake Couture Paper Party Striped Straws, Red/White
3. Plastic Neon Soda Glasses

Diner Party – Treat Bags

Some fun ideas for a diner party treat bag are soda flavored lip gloss, guitar pens, rock ‘n roll stickers, ice cream scoops and sundae cups.  Here are a few other fun ideas: Diner Party - Favors1. Rock ‘N’ Roll Filled Treat Boxes
2. Inkology Original Rock Star Guitar Pen
3. Lip Smackers Coca Cola Set of 8 Lip Balms
4. 1950’s Beads with Rock & Roll Record Medallion
5. Cute Brutes Ice Cream Spoons By MSC – 4pc Set
6. Ice Cream Lip Gloss Keychains

For more fun birthday party ideas including themes, decorating ideas, food ideas, activities, free printables, favor ideas and more, check out our special Birthday Party page.

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