Safari Theme Birthday Ideas

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One of the coolest birthday parties you can plan for your little one is a safari theme. Decorations for a safari theme are easy to find and there are so many fun activity ideas. Here you’ll find ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, food and treat bags. There are also loads of free party printables! I hope your party is a ROARING good time!

Safari Theme

Safari Theme – Invitations:

If you are the crafty type, a passport style invitation is a great idea for a safari theme party. In your passport invitation you would include the destination (location of the party), date of departure (date & time of party) and a reservations number (RSVP details for the party).


Here are some fun personalized options:

Safari Theme - Invitations1. Birthday party invitation, Little Safari
2. Birthday party invitation, Birthday Safari: Paradise
3. Birthday party invitation, Party Jungle
4. Birthday party invitation, Jungle Zoo
5. Funfari™ – Fun Safari Jungle – Squiggle Shaped Birthday Party Invitations
6. Jungle Animals Personalized Invitation

Safari Theme – Decorations:

Safari themed parties are so easy to decorate for since there are so many safari print decor items out there. You can place stuffed animals around the party area, hang plastic vines or green & brown streamer paper to look like vines and hang monkeys from doorways and light fixtures.

Click here to print the free “Beware of Wild Animals” banner below. Hang this by the entrance to your party along with some plastic vines from your local dollar store.Safari Theme BannerA fun idea is to greet guests with safari gear upon their entrance to the party. You could include things such as a pith helmet, safari masks, toy binoculars and a toy water canteen. The kids could take these items home with them as part of their treat bags.

Here are some other fun decor ideas:

Safari Theme - Decor1. Safari Hat
2. Lion Headband
3. Elephant Balloon
4. Zebra Balloon
5. Lion Balloon
6. Safari Print Zebra Leopard Tiger Cheetah Print Latex Party Supply Balloons
7. Zoo Animal Foam Masks
8. Peel & Stick Wall Decals
9. My Own Pet Balloons Giraffe Jungle Animal

Safari Theme – Activities:

You can create your own small safari ride using a wagon or other ride along toy. Before the safari trip, you can invite the kids to fill a small bag with treats for the animals that they may see during their tour. The safari animal feed could include items like marshmallow peanuts for the elephants, marshmallow bananas for the monkeys, spearmint leaves for the giraffes, cheezies for the cheetahs and berries for the hippos.

You could include inflatable safari animals hiding behind plants or up in trees during the safari tour.Safari Theme ActivityScavenger hunts are always a fun game at birthday parties. You could create a fun scavenger hunt for the kids including challenges to complete along the way. Once the guests all arrive, you can let them know that the birthday cake has gone missing and you require their help in order to find it. Provide the kids with their first clue and set them off on a safari adventure to find the cake.

Your challenges could include fun safari animal facts and tasks such as:

  • Did you know that baby giraffes are 6 feet tall? Using these boxes, blocks and measuring tape, create a 6 foot tall tower. The tower must stand alone without help for at least 10 seconds in order to receive your next clue.
  • Fill an area with green and blue streamer paper on the ground along with a few stepping stones from one end to the other. You can even toss in some rubber snakes in with the streamer paper. The challenge will be for each child to walk through the “swamp” by stepping only on the stepping stones and not on the streamer paper (the swamp) – beware of snakes and alligators!
  • Did you know that the cheetah is the fastest animal in the world? It can run up to 120 km/hour. For this challenge, the kids must race from one end of the party and back again as fast as they can. You can award the fastest runner with a special treat. Once all of the kids have completed their cheetah training exercise, they can receive the next clue.
  • Hang paper or plastic bananas from a tree and have the kids pick them all in order to receive their next clue.
  • Fill a safari animal themed pinata with candy and have the kids break the pinata to receive the candy and their next clue.

Continue on with fun challenges until they receive their final clue to the cake location. Safari Theme - Activities1. Zebra Pinata
2. Lion Pinata
3. Elephant Pinata
4. 6 Inflatable Animals
5. Aqua Blue Crepe Streamer
6. Rubber Snakes

Safari Theme – Food:

I’ve created some zebra and leopard rings that can be printed and used as napkin rings or as decor for paper cups. Click here for the free zebra rings and the free leopard rings.

Safari Theme Decor

Any favorite food item can easily turn into a safari-themed food with a fun name such as Monkey Bites, Hungry Hippo, Cheesy Cheetah, Jungle Greens, etc. Safari Theme - Food1. Funfari™ – Fun Safari Jungle – Dinner Plates – 8 Qty/Pack – Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas
2. Funfari™ – Fun Safari Jungle – Hot/Cold Cups – 8 Qty/Pack – Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas
3. Zebra Party Dinner Plate
4. Animal Jungle Napkins
5. Bamboo Placemats
6. Paradise Safari Disposable Tray Set

Safari Theme – Dessert:

An animal shaped cake is a fun idea for a safari party. Animal shaped cake pans are the perfect tool for creating animal cakes. If you’d rather serve cupcakes, cupcake picks and safari wrappers are an easy idea. If you love decorating cupcakes, try these cute ideas by Betty Crocker.

Enjoy decorating your own cakes? A regular sheet cake can be created into your own safari themed masterpiece with some themed candles, icing decorations, icing leaves and plastic safari animals. Safari Theme - Dessert1. Animal Cake Toppers
2. Animal Candles
3. Elephant Cake Pan
4. Monkey Cake
5. Funfari™ – Fun Safari Jungle – Birthday Party Cupcake Wrappers
6. Safari Cake Pics
7. 24 pc Safari Wild Animal Print Birthday Cake Candles
8. Jungle Pals/Cupcake Standard kit
9. Meri Meri Animal Parade Cupcake Kit, Makes 24

Safari Theme – Treat Bags:

These free safari printable treat bag tags can be printed and attached to your little safari treat bags. If you provided the guests with safari gear upon their arrival to the party, your treat bags will be close to complete already! Here are some great ideas for treat bags & treats!

Safari Theme TagsSafari Theme - Favors1. Jungle Party Deluxe Favor Set
2. Jungle Party Favor Set
3. Jungle Party Blowers
4. Jungle Animal Wind-Up
5. Monkey Notepad and Pen Set
6. Jungle Animal Favor Box
7. Diego Telescopes
8. Paw Print Stamper
9. Zoo Animal Sipper Cup

What’s your favorite safari animal?

For more fun birthday party ideas including themes, decorating ideas, food ideas, activities, free printables, favor ideas and more, check out our special Birthday Party page.

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  1. So many awesome ideas! This post must have taken you a long time to put together, nice work! I love the totally adorable printables and the animal food is so perfect! LOVE it!

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    • Thank you, that’s very sweet of you to say. I wish you had more selections there although I’m sure you have some pretty amazing items there you could tie into the theme that we wouldn’t find here. 🙂

    • Hi Valerie! If you have a bulk candy store in your area, I find that’s the best place to find a variety of candies. The local Bulk Barn (Canadian brand) is where I found these banana candies. I hope you have a great party!

  3. How do you print the “Beware of Wild Animals” banner in a big size like that? When I tried to print, it’s just a small size, no matter what size of paper I use. Thanks!


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