Games For Road Trips

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Games for Road Trips Planning a road trip and looking for some fun games to keep the kids entertained?  We’ve got you covered!  Here are a few games for road trips that are sure to entertain…or at least keep the kids busy enough to stop asking “Are We There Yet?!” Here you’ll find links to ideas on Moms & Munchkins along with some free printables.

Games for Road Trips:

Airport Games:  Here’s a link to a free printable airport bingo card and airport word search.

Road Trip Bingo:  A few days before your trip, have your children create their own road trip bingo cards using some stickers or markers for coloring along with this free printable template.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt:  Your kids will have to keep their eyes focused on the surroundings in order to find the items on this free printable road trip scavenger hunt.

Tips for Planning The Ultimate Road Trip: With these creative tips you’ll find two more free printable games – Road Trip Scavenger Hunt and Road Trip BINGO.

I Spy:  My husband and I play this game on long road trips – one person take a turn choosing an object they see (either in the vehicle or outside) and says “I spy with my little eye, something with # letters that starts with the letter X”. For example, on a road trip in the winter I once said “I spy with my little eye, something with 4 letters that starts with the letter S” – the answer was Snow!  It’s an easy and fun way to help pass the time.

Secret Grab Bags:  A few days before your trip, make a stop at your local dollar store and pick up and few little games and books for the kids.  Wrap each of them or place each prize in a sealed brown paper bag.  You can set specific times in the trip (for example, every 250 km) where each child gets to choose one mystery grab bag.  These items could be a small snack, a book, a game, toy or anything else your children like.

What are your favorite ideas for games for road trips?

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27 thoughts on “Games For Road Trips”

  1. Every time we go on a road trip we play the ABC game (it is more kids who know how to read and adults)…the idea is to find words (outside of the car) on trucks, billboards, signs that start with each letter of the alphabet…it starts getting tough when you get to the letter Q… X is another tough one!

  2. I have four kids and have done a few of these. A few other games is the Alphabet game which can be done two different ways. 1. look for things that begin with that letter. or 2. Look for that particular letter in signs or license plates. Another game we play is out of state license plate. By the way I shared your post on FB.

  3. We can make use of this. My daughter is always bored during road trips. She sometimes stresses me out because she’s too fed up staying inside the vehicle and doesn’t want to play with the toys we have brought with us.

  4. {Melinda} I used to do a “grab bag” for road trips, too. But what I did was I wouldn’t tell them when they’d get an item from the bag. I would just randomly yell, “Grab Bag!” But they were told that if they were fighting and misbehaving that it would mean I wouldn’t say “Grab Bag!” for a long time. It worked pretty well! 🙂

    Happy SITS Day!

  5. all great ideas, I’ll have to remember these when Dinosaur is older. Going to check out more posts. Stopping by from SITS and going to add you to my twitter and follow your blog.

  6. OOoo I love the grab bag idea! We always have a little surprise bag of stuff for our daughter at the beginning of the trip, but I LOVE the idea of opening ones along the way. Totally using that next time!

  7. I remember playing bingo on road trips as a little girl, and loving it. My sister recently found the ones we used and gave them to my niece, it’s a great way to get unplugged in the car.
    {Stopping over from SITS}

  8. I love your math problems on Captcha. I’m a high school math teacher. I like the grab bag idea for road trips. If you don’t have this app on your cell phone, you might want to get it. It’s called Gotta Pee and will find the public restrooms closest to your position.

  9. So fun! We used to do the I-spy on long trips. We also used to play the License Plate Game. You look for a license plate from each state. It’s really fun!


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