Canada Day Party Ideas

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Oh Canada! Are you planning a Canada Day party for July 1st?  It’s a great time to gather friends and family for a fun BBQ and celebrations. Here are some fun Canada Day party ideas to help you get started.
Canada Day Party Ideas
Want a mini fireworks celebration with the kids?  Try some fun sparkler candles in some red velvet cupcakes!
Canada Day Party ideas
Food ideas could include some Canadian-themed barbeque foods such as burgers made from Canadian beef and topped with Canadian bacon. A fun & delicious side dish could be some poutine (now my tummy is growling!). You could serve cookies cut out in maple leaf shapes. Small Canadian flag food pics would be perfect on top of a burger.

You could play this free printable Canada Trivia game with your guests and award fun Canada-themed prizes. All of the answers have been included on the free printable game. How many of these questions can you answer correctly?

Canada Day Party Ideas – Trivia:

  • In 2012, how old will Canada be?
  • In what year did Queen Elizabeth start her reign over Canada?
  • Name all the province & territories plus the capital city of each.
  • Which province has the highest population?
  • True or False – Saskatchewan and Alberta were created out of land that had been a part of the Northwest Territories.
  • Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?
  • Who was the first female Prime Minister of Canada?
  • Who has been the Prime Minister of Canada 3 times?
  • How many times has Canada hosted the Olympic Games? Bonus points if you can name the years.
  • Name the first Canadian woman in space.
  • Which of these was invented in Canada? Basketball, 5-Pin Bowling, Snow blower

Canada Day Party Ideas - Trivia

If you will be attending a party this year but not hosting, here are some fun ideas for a Canada Day Party themed hostess basket.

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