Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

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Newspaper Scavenger HuntThis free printable newspaper scavenger hunt is a great way to entertain the kids during your morning breakfast.  It’s also a great opportunity for teaching them how to navigate through a newspaper. When is the last time you read a paper copy of a newspaper? Do you usually read your news online or watch it on TV? If you don’t get the paper delivered to home, you’ll have to make a trip to your local store to pick up a paper copy for this game.

Newspaper Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

  • something being given away for free
  • an article about animals
  • an article about an act of kindness
  • an advertisement for an upcoming event
  • a movie listing for a cartoon you’d like to see
  • an article about the weather
  • an article related to politics
  • something on sale for more than $200,000
  • a comic strip involving an animal that could be a pet
  • an article about a fundraising event
  • a red vehicle for sale
  • a job posting for a job in construction
  • a house for sale listed in your area
  • a birth announcement
  • a posting for Lost & Found
  • a story about bravery
  • an advertisement for sporting goods
  • an engagement announcement
  • an entertainment review
  • an advertisement for travel

Depending on the ages of your little ones, you may have to help a bit for the searching. Since each newspaper is different, this is a fun game you can enjoy more than once. Print out a couple of copies of this newspaper scavenger hunt or “pin” it on Pinterest to come back to later.

What are your favorite sections of the newspaper to look through? I always peek at the announcements section in the weekend paper to see if I recognize any newly engaged or married couples.

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8 thoughts on “Newspaper Scavenger Hunt”

  1. This is a GREAT idea, and I am totally picking up a paper tomorrow to have on hand next weekend when my hubby is out on Sunday morning thus leaving me with the children (happy Father’s Day to him, I know!) because they would love doing this! 🙂

  2. I thought the Newspaper Scavenger Hunt worksheet was great. I made a copy and saved a copy to be able to change things. I also shared with one of the English teachers who uses the newspaper on a daily basis.
    She has a variety of lessons she has the students work on.


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