Camo Birthday Party

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Camo Birthday Party - Collage

Do you have a child who loves camouflage and military heroes?  Then you’ll love these ideas for a Camo Birthday Party!  There are so many fun ideas for decor and games that you can create one of the coolest birthday parties for your little one!

Camo Birthday Party – Invitations:

You can easily create a military dog tag invitation with silver card stock paper.  Just print the intro on one of the “tags”, such as “You’re Invited to Commander {Child’s Name}’s Birthday Party! It’s Going To Be A Blast!”.  On the second dog tag, print the party details such as location (call it the “base”), time (print in the 24 hour clock format) and RSVP details for the Commander’s party.  From your local craft store, you can pick up a silver beaded chain to attach the two pieces (tags) of invitation together.

Camo Birthday Party Invitations

1. Camouflage Personalized Invitation
2. Army Invitations
3. Camouflage Invite

Camo Birthday Party – Decorations:

Camo colored decorations are a must – balloons, table cloths, banners, plates, cups, etc.  You can also set out small army figurines and small army toy tanks on the tables.  Other items you can put out on tables for decoration (plus great toys for the kids to play with – I’ll discuss this later in the games section) are binoculars, small toy planes, Nerf toy guns and parachute figurines. Camo Birthday Party Decor
1. Camouflage Army Helmet
2. Army Party Banner
3. Army Party Mylar Balloon
4. Mini Green toy Soldiers
5. Toy Plastic Black Binoculars
6. Toy Parachute
7. Glider Planes
8. Foam Dart Launcher with Two Foam Rockets
9. Camo Flag Pennant Banner

Camo Birthday Party – Food:

A firepit barbeque in the backyard would be a perfect fit for a camo birthday party.  Alternately, bbq hot dogs and baked beans would be a hit as well.  Serve any fun food on camo dinnerware and you’ll fit in well with the theme. Camo Birthday Party Food
1. Army Party Dinner Plates
2. Army Party Napkins
3. Army Party Cups
4. Army Party Table Cover
5. Camouflage Sipper Cup
6. Camo Dinner Plate

Camo Birthday Party – Cake:

I had a camo-themed party for my husband and a great bakery in my city (Ladybug Bakery) made this delicious camo cake complete with a cupcake grenade and icing dog tags.  A sparkling firework candle was the perfect accent to top it all off!

Camo Birthday Party - Cake Not feeling crafty enough to create a cake? Then try cupcakes in camo cupcake liners.  Cute & easy! Camo Birthday Party - Dessert
1. Camouflage Cupcake Liner
2. Wilton Cupcake Combo Pack – Camouflage
3. Tall Sparkler Candles

Camo Birthday Party – Games:

Target Practice:  Set out toy army figurines, plastic animals or even a bullseye target on the wall and let the kids use small toy airplanes and Nerf toy guns to knock the targets over. Camo Birthday Party - Game

Camo Birthday Party - Games

Pin The Medal On The Hero: This is a fun game I found at our local party supply store.  Similar to pin the tail on the donkey but with a military twist. There is also a fun Pin the Army Tank game perfect for this party theme.

Training Camp:  Set up fun obstacle courses for the kids to participate in “training camp”.   Here are some fun obstacle course ideas. Camo Birthday Party Activities
1. Camouflage Game
2. Camouflage Face Paint
3. Camo Party Masks

Camo Birthday Party – Loot Bags:

There are so many fun ideas for loot bags for a Camo Birthday Party!  Here are a few fun ideas:

  • small toy planes
  • camo gift bags
  • camo lanyards
  • small army figurines
  • parachute figurine toys
  • toy army tanks

Camo Birthday Party Favors

1. Army Party Dog Tag
2. Camouflage Tattoos
3. Army Party Blowers
4. Army Party Stickers
5. Camouflage Ball
6. Camouflage Dog Tag Necklaces

I hope you have a blast at your Camo Birthday Party!

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