Brunch Party Ideas & Printables

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Hosting a brunch is a great way to celebrate a birthday, engagement, bridal shower, baby shower…the list goes on! It’s a theme that’s great for all ages so it’s perfect for occasions like bridal showers where you have everyone from children to grandmas in attendance. With so many delicious menu options like muffins, cinnamon buns, scones, cookies, tea and more, it’s a really easy party to plan. In this collection of brunch party ideas, we’ll include ideas for food, decorating and printable party supplies. I hope you already ate breakfast because I have a feeling that your tummy is going to start rumbling soon!

Brunch Party Ideas

Brunch Party Ideas:

For this party, I went with a pink & navy color combination. I think the colors are perfect together! To give it a more feminine look, I used a lot of lace and damask prints. One of my favorite ways to set the backdrop for a party table is by wrapping foam boards in wrapping paper. It’s super easy to do and really inexpensive too!

Now onto one of my favorite parts of any party – the food! There are so many delicious ideas for a brunch-themed party! You could go with hot menu items like scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon and hashbrowns or with a bakery-style table like I’ve done here.

I cheated a little on these cinnamon buns and purchased a prepackaged mix that just had to be baked.

Brunch Party Ideas

For the banana bread, I used my son’s favorite banana bread recipe. It never lasts long in our house!

Brunch Party Ideas

These scones are a new recipe I tried but they were so tasty that I’ll be making them again soon! The sign says Strawberry Scones but I actually made Raspberry White Chocolate Scones for this party.

Brunch Party Ideas

These Mini Apple Pies are a favorite in our house! They are great as a dessert on Thanksgiving too!

Brunch Party Ideas

I cheated again and bought prepared blueberry muffins. You don’t have to make everything from scratch when you have so many party details to take care of.

Brunch Party Ideas

The party had a shabby chic style with wooden boxes, mason jars, damask prints, doilies and more.

Brunch Party Ideas

You can also send guests home with some delicious sweets in these printable bakery style treat boxes.

Brunch Party Ideas

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Free brunch party favor Printables

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Brunch Party Ideas

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