Mom’s Emergency Relief Kit – Chocolate!

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If you had an emergency relief kit just for you, what would you put in it? I’m not talking about the practical canned foods, water, flashlights, etc. What I mean is an emergency relief kit for you when you’re having a rough day and in need of some quiet time.

For some moms, their Mom’s Emergency Relief Kit may have scented candles, relaxing music and scented bubble bath but mine would be loaded with chocolate. I’ll skip the scents of lavender and head straight for the chocolate when I’m in need of some quiet time! While others may have sour candy or a good book.

Mom's Emergency Relief Kit

Mom’s Emergency Relief Kit:

This is such an easy idea for a Mother’s Day gift and we have the FREE printable tag for you! You can use this tag for any size of special treat for Mom depending on her interests. Some ideas include:

  • a box of chocolate and a new book
  • basket of bubble bath goodies
  • the latest gossip magazines, a new coffee mug and flavored coffees

The possibilities are endless! Just think about what your mom likes and create a special Mom’s Emergency Relief Kit just for her! It’s her special go-to kit when she needs some quiet alone time.

Remember to make it personal. This is about finding a way to pamper mom and give her some relief or a treat or both. In addition to candy could provide notes for no dishes tonight or 1 hour of peace and quiet.

Mom's Emergency Relief Kit

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Moms Emergency Relief Kit Free Printable

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