Breakfast Bridal Shower Ideas

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Hosting a breakfast bridal shower is a great idea for a bridal shower that will be followed by an evening bachelorette party. A bridal shower is typically attended by mothers, aunts, grandmas, etc. that wouldn’t be participating in evening bachelorette festivities. By hosting a late-morning bridal shower, you have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing shower with your closest friends and family members while still saving yourself enough time to enjoy an afternoon at the spa with your best girlfriends before a night out on the town. In this post I’ll share some menu ideas for a breakfast shower.

Breakfast Bridal Shower

The display for a breakfast bridal shower can be simply white dishes on white linen dressed up by a few spring accent colors like yellow daisies, lemons and pink tulips.

A variety of easy to prepare foods can be served on pretty serving trays, cake pedestals and in candy vases.

Breakfast Bridal Shower Menu Ideas:

Your menu items can be as simple as fresh items from your local bakery such as:

  • danishes
  • cookies
  • croissants
  • donuts
  • scones
  • muffins
  • strudels
  • buns with jam
  • cinnamon buns
  • breads (like banana bread)
  • breakfast squares

If you’d like to prepare some of the food selections on your own, here are a few delicious ideas:

Don’t forget some drinks to help wash down the delicious breakfast buffet. Beverages for your breakfast bridal shower could include:

  • tea
  • coffee
  • freshly squeezed juice
  • fruit, plain yogurt and a blender for a “make your own smoothie” bar
  • mimosas
  • water bottles with personalized labels

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