Family Fun with Bizarre November Holidays

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How many of these bizarre November holidays have you heard of? With holidays like Cookie Monster Day and World Kindness Day, there are plenty of ways to celebrate as a family in November.

Bizarre November Holidays - Family Fun

Bizarre November Holidays:

November 1 – National Family Literacy Day: Reading stories as a family is always a fun activity idea. Perhaps you could take a family trip to the local library and pick out some new books to enjoy. You could also set up a blanket fort at home and read stories by the light of a flashlight.

November 1 – National Men Make Dinner Day: If your husband was left to do the cooking for a night, what kind of meal do you think you’d get? My husband’s specialty is mac & cheese with hot dogs…this is why I do most of the cooking in our house.

November 2 – Cookie Monster Day: Cookies!! Who doesn’t love cookies, right?! Celebrate Cookie Monster Day by baking some delicious cookies and enjoying them with a glass of milk.

November 10 – Sesame Street Day: Who is your favorite Sesame Street character? Elmo? Big Bird? You can celebrate Sesame Street Day by making some fun cupcakes and watching a Sesame Street video. Here’s a link to the Sesame Street website with fun videos & games to enjoy. Did you know that Sesame Street’s first broadcast was in 1969?

November 13 – World Kindness Day: Today is a great day to teach your children about the power of kindness. Here are some fun kindness activity ideas for kids.

November 17 – Homemade Bread Day: When it comes to bread, nothing beats the taste of homemade! Here’s a delicious recipe for homemade sandwich bread from the talented Sofia at From PDX with Love.

November 18 – Mickey Mouse Day: Mickey Mouse is a favorite in our house. In fact, we have our very own Hot Dog (Mouska) dance! Did you know that Mickey Mouse made his debut in 1928? You can celebrate Mickey Mouse Day with some fun Mickey Mouse games or colouring sheets – check out these ones from

Which of these bizarre November holidays will you be celebrating?

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Looking for more bizarre November holidays? Check out – she has a huge list of holidays for each month.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my homemade bread!!! It is oh sooo good!! And I am sure my little one would love to celebrate Mickey’s day!! Or like he calls him: Ma’ Mouse!


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