Babysitter Checklist

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Now that we’re parents, my husband and I don’t go on as many date nights as we used to. I’m lucky to have my parents living only a few minutes away and they’re always more than happy to watch our son if we want to go out somewhere. I know that he’s well taken care of and spoiled at my parent’s house, but I still always worry about him if I’m not with him. For those of you with older kids, does this worried feeling ever go away? For those of you thinking about hiring a babysitter, here is a handy babysitter checklist (click here for the free printable) of things to remember to talk to your babysitter about before you go out for your date night.

Babysitter Checklist

Babysitter Checklist:

Contact Number: Make sure your babysitter knows how to contact you by leaving your cell phone number (write it on this babysitter checklist) in a common area like by the telephone or on the fridge.

Contact Person: If for some reason your babysitter isn’t able to contact you, be sure you leave a backup phone number for a close friend or family member that lives nearby.

Your Schedule: Be sure that your babysitter knows where you are going to be and when you are expected to be home.

Emergency Numbers: Make sure your babysitter knows the emergency numbers like 911 and poison control and go over why & when these should be used. Don’t assume that they know – be sure to go over it with them.

Allergy Information: Does your child have any allergies? Be sure to explain these and write these onto your babysitter checklist. If there is anything that goes along with these allergies (like an EpiPen), be sure to leave instructions on how to use this and even do a trial with an empty EpiPen designed for practicing.

Medications: If your child is on any medication, try to give the child the dose before you go. If this isn’t possible, provide clear instructions to the babysitter and write the instructions on the babysitter checklist.

House Alarm: Do you have an alarm on your house? If so, explain how to use it, provide the special code assigned to your babysitter, provide the secret word in case the alarm goes off and it’s needed for the alarm company and provide the phone number for the alarm monitoring station.

Activities: Set out some activities for your babysitter to play with your little one(s). If there are things the kids aren’t supposed to play with, make sure that the babysitter knows this as well.

Meals: Organize the meals in advance and leave out any required items like the food, plates, utensils, napkins, drinks, etc. This way the babysitter doesn’t have to worry about looking through the cupboards to find all of the needed items.

Bedtime Routine: Explain the bedtime routine to the babysitter and leave out any required items (pj’s, special blanket or stuffed animals, bedtime snack and drink, book, nightlight, etc.)

What other items would you add to a babysitter checklist?

How often do you & your spouse get to go out for a date night? If it’s not as often as you like, what’s holding you back? Are you nervous about hiring a babysitter or leaving your little one(s) with someone else?

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6 thoughts on “Babysitter Checklist”

  1. Great post. I haven’t had to hire a babysitter yet for my two boys since their Godparents and grandparents live near us but as they get older I am sure we will have to eventually.
    I pinned it for future reference.

  2. Oh my gosh! What a fab post! Definitely one to bookmark! I never used a babysitter checklist, as the only people who babysit my little one are all family members. Oh, and my teenage niece’s best friend…who is sort of like a family member 🙂


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