August National Holidays for Family Fun

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These August national holidays for family fun are a fun way to celebrate with silly holidays with your family! The kids can prepare early for many of these holidays by brainstorming ideas for how they’d like to celebrate.

August National Holidays for Family Fun

August National Holidays for Family Fun:

August 1st – Spider-Man Day: If you have little fans of spider man at home, they are sure to be excited about Spider-Man Day! You can celebrate this fun day by watching a Spider-Man movie, reading Spider-Man comics, or even making Spider-Man cupcakes. Any August national holidays that involve a super hero are guaranteed for fun, right?!

August 3rd – Watermelon Day: What a perfect summer treat to plan a party around! With a little internet searching, you’ll find plenty of watermelon recipes for meals from breakfast to supper.

August 5th – Friendship Day: Your children can use this day to celebrate their great friendships by doing something nice for their friends. Perhaps you could host a Friendship Day summer party in your backyard complete with water balloons and barbequed snacks.

August 5th – National Doll Day (first Sunday in August): A fun idea to celebrate National Doll Day would be to host a doll tea party for your little ones and their friends. You could serve lemonade in little tea cups along with cookies & biscuits. Invite your children & their friends to bring their favorite doll with them to the party.

August 5th – National Kids Day (second Sunday in August): To celebrate this fun day, you could have each of your children pick one activity for the day. One child could choose the activity, the other could choose the lunch location, the other could choose the recipe for supper, etc.

August 10th – S’Mores Day: A fun idea would be to set up a little camp site in the backyard and cook s’mores over a little outdoor fire pit. You could bring along some campfire stories to read as a family.

August 11th – National Garage Sale Day (2nd Saturday in August): This would be a great day to explore garage sales in your area to see what types of treasures you can find. You could even print this free garage sale scavenger hunt game to bring along with you.

August 19th – National Aviation Day: Celebrate this special day by building model airplanes with your kids or creating paper airplanes and having family contests for flying distance and special tricks.

August 20th – International Homeless Animals Day: Check the website or your local animal shelter or give them a call to see what supplies they are in need of. You & your children can then go shopping to buy some deserving animals some much needed items. You could then visit your local shelter to drop off these donations and visit with the animals.

August 24th – National Waffle Day: Waffles are one of my favorite breakfast foods! Celebrate this delicious holiday by making some homemade waffles and setting up a waffle buffet of toppings such as fruit, syrup and whipped cream.

August 26th – National Dog Day: Do you have a pet dog in your home? Then this day is for the dog! Plan some fun obstacle courses for your dog or take him/her on a fun walk through the park or even spend a day at the beach.

Do you know of any fun little-known August national holidays for family fun? Do you ever celebrate any of these fun August national holidays for family fun?

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