Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt

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Inspired by the many garage sales going on in my neighborhood this weekend, I’ve created this free printable garage sale scavenger hunt. Make your treasure searching a little more fun by giving your kids this free printable and seeing how many items they can find (point out to you) as you explore garage sales around the city. Since every garage sale is different, this is a game that you could play again on another weekend.

Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt

Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt List:

  • something that you already have at home
  • something priced at $10
  • a sports ball
  • something normally sold as a set but on sale as a single item
  • something that hasn’t been taken out of the original packaging
  • a piece of blue outdoor furniture
  • a toy that is used in the water
  • something that could be used as a Halloween costume
  • a red garden or yard tool
  • an animal lawn ornament
  • a toy for a pet
  • a pink dress
  • something that could be used for writing
  • a toy designed for the winter season
  • something that flies
  • a barbeque tool
  • an Easter decoration
  • a recipe book
  • a toy that bounces
  • fishing gear

What other fun ideas would you add to this garage sale scavenger hunt list? When you visit garage sales, what types of items are you generally looking for?

I’d love to hear the best purchase you ever made at a garage sale! Let us know in the comments below.

Have Fun & Happy Exploring!

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