Winter Family Fun

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These winter family fun activities include ideas for both indoor and outdoor fun. With fun family celebrations, winter holidays and these fun activities, there are plenty of ways to celebrate winter! Winter Family Fun

Winter Family Fun Ideas:

  • Building a Snowman: Be creative with props, build a snowman family of different sizes, maybe even make some pets out of snow (I’m sure your snowman friend would love a snowdog or snowcat friend)
  • Building a Snow Fort: For safety reasons, it may be best to build a snow fort without a roof.
  • Hot Chocolate: Make your own hot chocolate with this delicious recipe. You could top it with whipped cream or mini marshmallows.
  • Baking: It’s never to early to get a head start on baking for the holidays. Your kids could help by decorating cookies.
  • Making Cards: With some paper, markers, stickers and glitter, your kids could help to make some personalized cards for the holidays. With some blank return address labels, you could also create some fun & personalized return address labels for your cards.
  • Tobogganing: My favorite winter family fun activity as a child was going tobogganing on the hills behind our house. Dress warm and enjoy the mini slopes!
  • Cross-Country Skiing: Not only is cross-country skiing great exercise but it’s a lot of fun too! Check your local listings to see if a company in your city rents skis.
  • Skating: Growing up, we had a little outdoor skating rink across the street from our house and we were out there daily. Your city may have both indoor and outdoor skating options available. Many times you can find gently used skates for sale in your local community flyer or online. Be sure that the outdoor rinks and ponds have been cleared for skating before you venture out.
  • Santa Visit: A winter family fun activity that we always enjoy is our annual visit with Santa. This is a great family tradition!
  • Homemade Gifts: People love receiving homemade gifts that kids have made themselves. You may find inspiration at your local craft store.
  • Snow Pictures: With a squeeze bottle filled with water and food colouring, you can create some fun pictures outside in the snow. It’s kind of like the winter version of sidewalk chalk!
  • Decorating: Does your family decorate your home for the holidays? On a day when it’s too cold to go outside, decorating the inside of the house would be a fun activity for the family.
  • Christmas Tree: How early do you put up your Christmas tree? A winter family fun activity that we do every year is decorate the Christmas tree together.
  • Holiday Donations: Do you give back during the holidays? As a family, you can make your plan for how you will give back this holiday season. Here are some ways that we give back.
  • Santa Letters: Has your little one been a good boy or girl all year? Do they have a long list for Santa? A fun activity is writing letters to Santa. Check online for the address to mail these letters to. Sometimes the Santa display at the mall has a mailbox that you can put these letters into.
  • Hide & Seek: A fun game to enjoy the outdoors is a hide & seek game in the snow. Using a medium sized toy like a ball, hide the toy in the snow and let the other players try to find it.
  • Horse Carriage Ride: Check your local listings for a company that does winter sled rides with horses (or maybe a dog sled!).
  • Snow Angels: Lay in the snow and make snow angels.
  • Next Year’s Goals: Do you make New Year’s resolutions or goals? Sitting down together and thinking of fun ideas for the upcoming year is a fun way to enjoy some family time while planning for more!

What is your favorite winter family fun activity?

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