Activities for Kids and Grandparents

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Do your kids ever have sleepover parties at Grandma & Grandpa’s house? We feel so lucky to have my parents only a very short drive away; in fact, they live so close that we can even walk there! I love that my son gets to spend time with them almost every day and I know my parents love spending time with him too. Here are some fun activities for kids and grandparents to enjoy together.

Activities for Kids and Grandparents

Activities for Kids and Grandparents:

Old Photos: Look through old photo albums or watch old home movies together. There are sure to be some that will cause a lot of giggles.

Puzzles: You could try a new puzzle together like a fun 3D puzzle.

Craft Time: Do Grandma or Grandpa have any hobbies? A fun activity would be for the grandparents to teach the little ones about something that interests them. Perhaps the little ones would like to learn how to build model airplanes, knit some new slippers or bake some cookies together!

Learn About Family History: A fun family activity is to build a family tree together. Each set of grandparents could help with each side of the family tree.

Game Night: Who doesn’t want to watch Grandma & Grandpa play a dancing video game? The little ones could teach Grandma and Grandpa some games that they enjoy playing like board games, video games or perhaps even games they’ve made up themselves.

Free Printable Games: Moms & Munchkins has loads of free printable games like word searches, scavenger hunts, BINGO, charades and so much more! Head on over to our Free Printable Games page to see which ones you’d like to try.

Do you have suggestions for activities for kids and grandparents? What types of hobbies did you learn from your grandparents?

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