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Today we’re featuring the hard-working Miranda of Whimsically Detailed. If you already follow her blog or her Facebook page, you know that she always finds the most beautiful party photos to share with her readers. If you are looking for inspiration for your next event, you’ll want to check out the collection of ideas she has on her blog. Today she’ll share tips for planning parties and staying organized for your next event. As a busy mother of 3, she knows a thing or two about managing time & responsibilities!

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1) How would you describe Whimsically Detailed?

Whimsically Detailed came about because when you look up the definition for Whimsical you will get: playfully quaint and fanciful. That sentence sums me and my business up to a tee! I added Detailed since I’m pretty much OCD and it was a great way to mix the two! I was originally Whimsical Printables but with the growth of my business this past year I was not only selling printables so had to do an update.

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2) Where is your favorite place to look for party inspiration?

I’m an all over the place kind of person. I love Pinterest, Google, Facebook and then finding one new page usually leads me to a whole many more! I think of an idea and then Google/Pinterest it and see how to do it differently.

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3) How do you involve your little ones in the party planning process?

I honestly don’t let them do too much when it comes to creating items. I basically have OCD so the children are not allowed in the room once there is a week left to a party. Prior to that though, my children get to always pick their theme. My daughter this year wanted a Princess Mermaid party and for 6 months I planned on that. It then turned into a Pony Party…what can I say? They are only young for a short while so I tossed out all the Mermaid ideas and started fresh.

They get to pick colors, items for the party, etc. What they are always most excited for is getting to invite their friends. Literally 6 months away from their birthday they are always asking if what I’m doing is for their birthday or asking me if they can invite so and so to their birthday. My twin boys this year have more input. They have pretty much told me what treats, colors and designs. They will only be turning 6…in OCTOBER!

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4) What is the most unique way you’ve seen a customer use some of your printables?

I haven’t had any out of the box ideas yet from customers. I did have one who was very budgeted and took the drink labels and cut them smaller for napkin rings, cut out the circles for stickers, cupcake toppers and tags. You can get pretty creative with printables especially if you are on a budget.

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5) What words of advice would you offer a mother who was looking to purchase party decor items that she could use over and over for parties?

I always ask myself first if I can use it over and over again. Then depending on how many times I think I will be able to reuse, I look at the price. I use my Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder at everyone of my daughter’s parties so I was okay with spending a little more. I don’t usually spend very much money on decor though. I have a wide range of supplies such as stands, dishes etc. many of which I’ve purchased at Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods.

I’m great with wood items! They can be spray paint to match any theme year after year! I’ve even found the milk jars at Goodwill on accident one day. I was amazed! I spent $8 on two dishes which I guard with my life! I do shop around though. If I find an item online I will search for similar ones and compare prices and shipping costs. That is one thing I’ve always been very patient with!

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All photos are courtesy of Whimsically Detailed.

We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Miranda for being featured today. Be sure to check her out through her social media accounts (top right hand side of the Whimiscally Detailed page).

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