Tournament of Roses Parade at Home

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Tournament of Roses Parade Does your family watch the Tournament of Roses Parade each year on January 1st? A fun way to watch the parade is by sitting in your own personal parade float at home! Here are some fun ways to create your own parade experience at home while watching the live parade on television.

You’ll want to start by choosing parade vehicles. Do your children have a wagon, what about a ride-on vehicle? These are perfect for creating a parade vehicle.

Next you’ll want to plan out how to decorate your vehicle. Here are some creative ideas:

  • tissue pouf balls (click here for a tutorial)
  • plastic pouf balls
  • ribbon streamers
  • cardboard cut-outs covered in tissue paper
  • stuffed animals dressed as mascots
  • balloons
  • fake flowers
  • noisemakers

Other fun ideas for creating your own Tournament of Roses Parade at home are:

  • stuffed animal riders on the float
  • your float could have a theme like a special sports team or cartoon
  • moving pieces on the float
  • having your kids make their own mini marching band
  • practice your parade wave
  • decorate small remote controlled vehicles to drive through the parade
  • baton twirlers
  • ride a toy horse through the parade
  • announce the Grand Marshal for the parade
  • announce the parade’s Rose Queen & Royal Court
  • have candy to throw to the audience from your parade float

Once you’ve created your floats, you can have a mini parade at home around your living room. It’s a great way to show off all of your parade creations. Be sure to have your camera ready! Your kids can then use their parade floats to sit on while watching the parade at home.

Check your local listings to see what time & channel the Tournament of Roses Parade is on in your city. Click here for the Tournament of Roses website.

Tournament of Roses Parade – Interesting Facts:

Did you know that the Tournament of Roses Parade has a policy of “Never on Sunday”? If January 1st happens to be on Sunday, the parade is moved to an alternate day.

Did you know that the first Roses Parade was held in 1890? 2013 is the 124th Roses Parade!

Did you know that 2013 will mark the 75th year that Disney has been involved with the Tournament of Roses Parade?

Have fun!

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