Tissue Pouf Ball Tutorial

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Tissue Pouf Ball I absolutely love homemade decorations. There is just something so satisfying about looking at your party room and thinking “Hey – I did this and it’s awesome!” The above photo is from the super talented Paula at Frog Prince Paperie. She was kind enough to let me post about her Tissue Pouf Ball Pom Pom Arrangement here to share with all of you. Not only are the tissue pouf balls adorable but they are in my favorite color combo – pink & lime green!

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of Moms & Munchkins. I haven’t quite decided how we’ll celebrate this milestone in our home. Two things I know for sure – there will be cute decorations and there will be cake! Lots of cake.

Tissue Pouf Ball Tutorial:

When I saw Paula’s tutorial I knew this is something I wanted to try. Not only are they adorable but I already have all of the supplies at home! With Paula’s easy to follow instructions, I had no problem creating my first one. Here’s my first of many: Tissue Pouf Ball Creation Don’t worry if you accidentally tear a piece (or 2) of the tissue paper. I did but they still look fabulous.

Paula also provides instructions for making a tissue pouf ball pom pom arrangement.

These pretty little tissue flowers are perfect for:

  • baby showers
  • birthday parties
  • bridal showers
  • holiday decor
  • anniversary parties and more!

I’ve also created large white ones and taped a few of them together to make adorable clouds on the walls for rainbow parties. There are so many cute ways to use these tissue pouf balls!

Thank you for sharing, Paula!

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