Swiss Roll Cake Pops

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This Swiss Roll Cake Pops tutorial is courtesy of our contributor Karen of Cake Bites By KarenComing up with new cake pop ideas gives me the opportunity to venture into all of the varieties (and cultures) of cake. There are fun cakes, like ice cream and brownies, and then there are the seemingly challenging cakes, like the Swiss Roll.

Swiss Roll Cake Pops

I love the layers of a Swiss Roll and it can be so diverse. You can make any type of cake (chocolate, vanilla, sponge, lemon) and incorporate any kind of spiraled filling (icing, buttercream, fruits, jellies). I made my first Swiss Roll the other day and was inspired to make one into a pop. I followed a pretty detailed recipe on my first attempt but I’ll show you how you can simplify it by using cake mix. Betty Crocker has a recipe for a Confetti Swiss Roll that you can play around with as well.

Swiss Roll Cake Pops – What You’ll Need:

  • cake mix (any flavor – or you can make your cake from scratch)
  • 6 eggs (if using a cake mix – the amount will vary depending on your cake recipe)
  • milk/water (as per box)
  • oil (as per box)
  • frosting/icing/buttercream
  • fruit/jelly/jam (optional)
  • candy/chocolate melts (any colour/brand)
  • decorations (any)
  • towel
  • powder sugar
  • treat sticks

STEP ONE (Cake Mix Version):

If using your own cake recipe (from scratch), prepare as your recipe as outlined. If using a cake mix, start by cracking 6 eggs, beating them until they begin to thicken (about 5 minutes). This will make your cake more spongy, which is essential to the rolling part of the Swiss Roll process.

Swiss Roll Cake Instructions


Once the eggs are whipped, add the cake mix, the milk/water and the oil to the quantities listed on the box. Combine all the ingredients together – I actually did this by hand because I didn’t want to lose the airiness of the whipped eggs but you can use your bender, if you wish.


Line a sheet pan (I used about a 10” pan), with baking spray and wax paper. I use a baking spray that contains flour. Pour a thin coating of the batter onto the sheet pan. Use a spatula to thin and/or spread the batter to the edges. You will probably only use about ½ or ¼ of the cake mix. Use the residual batter for something fun like cupcakes to go with your pops.

How To Make a Swiss Roll Cake

Making a Swiss Roll Cake


Bake for about 10-12 minutes until the cake springs back. Test the centre with a clean knife.

Making a Swiss Roll Cake from a Boxed Mix


While still warm, flip your baked sheet cake onto a towel (sprinkle first with powdered sugar so it does not stick to the towel). Slowly peel away the wax paper.

How to roll a Swiss Roll Cake

Rolling a Swiss Roll Cake

Instructions for Rolling a Swiss Roll Cake

STEP SIX (Filling):

Now for the yummy part – depending on your cake and your palate, smooth your filling thinly onto the baked sheet cake. If you are using fruit, you can either mix the fruit right into your frosting/icing/buttercream (as I have done) or you can smooth your icing on first and then place on a layer of fruit/jelly. However you’ve envisioned it, go for it!

Swiss Roll Cake Filling

How To Fill a Swiss Roll Cake

STEP SEVEN (Rolling):

Depending on how big or small you are making your pop, slowly roll the cake with the filling either length-wise for a smaller pop or width-wise for a large pop. Roll with the towel for assistance. Place the finished roll on wax paper. Securely wrap with the wax paper (and saran wrap for a tighter hold) and place in the freezer to set for 2 hours.

Making a Swiss Roll Cake


Remove from the freezer and unwrap your roll from the wax paper. You can either insert your treat stick into the roll and cut your pop to your desired thickness or cut/section your roll and then insert your treat stick. With either method, dip your treat stick into melted chocolate before inserting into the cake to ensure it is secure.

Instructions for a Swiss Roll Cake

Swiss Roll Cake Pops Tutorial

Swiss Roll Cake Pops


Decorate, dip whole in chocolate or leave plain and enjoy.

Swiss Roll Cake Pops

I think the most challenging thing about this pop is the roll but like with anything, it takes practice. With every tutorial, I am constantly revisiting my technique to make things easier, cleaner and better. We are all a work in progress, so keep trying.

Happy poppin’ everyone!

Thank you to our contributor Karen for this fun Swiss Roll Cake Pops tutorial! Check out more of her cake pop creations on her Cake Bites by Karen Instagram page. You’ll find even more creative tutorials and treat ideas there! Click here to see all the Cake Pop tutorials she’s created for the Moms & Munchkins audience!

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